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  1. I've never looked into fuses, I always see bigger fish to fry.
  2. Welcome, Anthony. Sorry can't help but someone else may be able to advise, maybe post a request in the appropriate section.
  3. The stage with the extreme toe in was very narrow, but conventionally it is much wider with more space for things to have....well more space. Really does depend on speakers and room. In a conventional way as now I see the 1cm view of the inner side faces of the speakers instead of the extreme toe in where I see 1cm of the faces of the outside of the speakers, definitely don't like them firing straight forward. Depth is fine with the conventional toe in and better actually as with extreme toe in with the ML-1's it was more forward sounding but squashed the st
  4. I played with up-sampling using wave lab in the past and the files were huge! I have a PC with 16 cores and 32Gb of DDR4 and could easily go to 64, and a 1 Tb nvme SSD ect'. Meh. I'll pass.
  5. So it costs $500 and you need a Chord DAC for this? And requires a high spec'ed PC... Recommended system specification: At least 4 cores, 8 cores preferred At least 32GB, but 64 GB recommended, and 128GB will reward you even more A fast NVMe SSD for input and output files, and paging file Recommend at least 100GB paging file (see guide for details) Edit: OK so works with other DACs but not as well from what I am reading. And this is ZB's baby?
  6. I've reverted to a more traditional position for my ML-1's, while the extreme toe in helped in some ways there were trade offs where sound staging is concerned.
  7. Nice pick up, you will likely need to make grills, I'd be surprised if the have spares but no harm in asking.
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