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  1. If she notices both at the same time I promise I'll show up at your wake! 😁
  2. Yes, the diodes after the caps need to be considered when using a larger value, I thought this was well known in diy circles by now. Going from 4700uf to 10000uf is a bit extreme also. So I think you are referring to the real novice, novice that has not done his homework.
  3. I treated my room so now I only need this, and blends well with the shag pile rug, baby 😁
  4. The concept of constrained layer isolation is valid, but not sure how well those would work, and yeah, the price is a bit eye watering. I have a constrained layer setup under my speaker, using 12.5mm thick Whites Anti Vibration pads > 12mm Bamboo Board > 12.5mm Whites Anti Vibration Pads. I think more effective at a guess and cheaper too. This would work under a TT also for isolation. Could do it the other way with Bamboo Board > Whites Anti Vibration Pads > Bamboo Board.
  5. Think they are $325 as a kit these days, or at least that's what they are in the ebay shop, his site has no price shown.
  6. I like WOW! Oh, you meant the other wow I guess i mustn't be too sensitive to it, but then It's been a while and I wasn't a picky hifi enthusiast then
  7. Wow! great buy for new style ML-1's GLWTS (I doubt luck is needed though)
  8. I still don't mind a good recording via cassette played back on a good player
  9. Look forward to your impressions, Dennis It will not have the transparency that comes after various mods. I modded that CD-60 I have in my sig, but I also have a stock CD-50 and they are basically the same player, and what I gained from mods mostly when comparing them back to back that is most apparent is the greater transparency with the modded player. I could likely squeeze a bit more out of it doing a complete output stage replacement but I was lazy and just by-passed the second half of the op amps and replaced them with V5i's.
  10. They have also gone up a little if buying now, at $1700 before shipping. I wouldn't part with it if I were you either, Matt.............It's such a nice sounding DAC
  11. I should have bought that off you when I had the chance
  12. The problem with comparing the 3 CD Players is It's far from a level playing field, if the Rotel had the advantages of a valve output stage and better more modern regulators and basically better design practices that come from the decades since It's design it would surely lead, definitely in naturalness and without a lack of detail. Some of the older DAC chips are capable of heaps of detail with modern design and thoughtful implementation. A case in point is the Chinese DAC @MattyW has that I listened to in my system that uses the original 14 bit TDA1540D chips, even in non over sa
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