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  1. Tubes are meant to be hot, and I'd be more concerned about electrolytic caps well before resistors. Meh, I'd use it in summer unless it heated up the room too much
  2. Ah, OK, so were nearing their end.
  3. @davidSunThat's a very significant drift, how old are the tubes, do you know?
  4. Along with advice already suggested. Place Whites Anti Vibration pads from Bunnings under speakers on the cabinet and under the sub woofer. https://www.bunnings.com.au/whites-on-site-100-x-12-5mm-rubber-anti-vibration-mat-4-pack_p3961547
  5. If the kit looks like quality as far as the PCB and stuff go they are likely OK.
  6. They came with one of those Chinese clone Naim NAP kits, so no idea if they were authentic Nover or not.
  7. I had 8x Nover power caps from a kit in the parts box for several years, they leaked while stored there.
  8. Look at each of those third party programs and see if they are said to be compatible with 10. A fresh install is what is best to do like dolpy says.
  9. I tend to lean towards soft dome myself, and I have only heard those Elac in youtube vids
  10. I'm only aware of them as some other member linked them in another thread :D Very reasonable compared to other commercial offerings, and the tests indicate they do as they should and pretty well.
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