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  1. And if you want good cables without spending a lot, maybe talk to Bill, who makes Bill's Cables, a member and sponsor here.
  2. Might help if you tell folks what the rest of your system is, and what cabling you use now. For my part I'd say once a system reaches a certain level speaker and interconnect cables make a difference in audible sound. I made a pair of interconnects recently using a combination of a silver and gold blend wire and silver wire, they made a very audible change from the copper ribbon ones that were being used. (for me a positive one) My speaker cables are Lenahan Ribbon ones. But there are plenty that will say cables make little difference, and a handful that even say no dif
  3. Pink Floyd got played to death when I was in my teens, I avoided it for 20 years after! I can listen to it again these days
  4. For the record I'm fine with amperage as it defines a measure of current.
  5. Ah... Thanks. Edit: somewhat, reassuring as anyone can be a scientist by the definition as there is no formal process to determine who is a scientist and who is not. According to wiki anyhoo
  6. I didn't know this. What area of science do you have a PhD in?
  7. Thanks, Matt. That was a good read and interesting, he also has a nice way of describing things
  8. Different plate structure, one is oval one is not. As far as the oval being worth the extra, maybe wait for @xlr8or our resident tube fanatic.
  9. Can you link the actual page? Loading is really slow over there for me ATM, for me anyway.
  10. I'll switch to headphones for those clips now, my PC speakers are crap also Edit: that's more like it!
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