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  1. Agreed Drool.... look at all that copper, in the structure of the mech' even! GLWTS
  2. I'm on a lower budget, so have concentrated on a single source at any given time as when I had vinyl and digital each was mediocre. Focusing my budget on just one I have been able to get further whether it be vinyl of CD. Originally did just vinyl but circumstances unrelated altered that and now I'm only doing CD's, I still prefer the sound of vinyl too, but am satisfied with were I am with CD's. One factor in me not going back to vinyl and focusing on that alone was the cost of carts, and of course records.
  3. Yeah, the review was ambiguous in this sense when converting to EDPR as he points out, never heard of it myself either or seen this in a review. Peaks to me are rising, dips are of course the other way. Edit: you will often have peaks or rises in an impedance plot across the frequency range, never seen one that didn't. So he's just pointing out the are 2x in the lower frequency area. To see where the dips or dip to 3.5 ohms we would need to see that plot measurement, but given he has pointed out that It's all above 4 ohms above 200Hz then that dip down to 3.5 is in the lower area below 200Hz somewhere. 3.5 makes sense in where the reviewer describes the speakers as a moderately difficult load, in relation to 8 ohms I expect. Good advice on his part suggesting to listen to the amps with your speakers, which you have been, and are doing
  4. No different really, maybe just better versions of a couple of what I have now.
  5. According to that my mids should be scooped out compared to the lows and highs, and that is definitely not the situation. Not that simple, far from it.
  6. With the pre at zero volume the signal to the power amp is attenuated so that's OK.
  7. I'm looking forward to hearing this Abbas DAC you have coming, should be very nice.
  8. Easy to have an intermittent contact on one leg of an IC/socket, when I installed a socket for the TDA1541 I scored a single crown version, but thought it faulty initially but it turned out to be a poor contact on one leg, re-seated and all was/is well.
  9. My situation if recall correct was with Firefox on Win7 PC, and I think I had to uninstall firefox and remove traces and reinstall. But there can be more than one cause and fix I imagine.
  10. Browser issue maybe? Google account? I have had this issue in the past and can't remember how I fixed it, sorry.
  11. Start....source > Amp Shut down....Amp > Source Like others are saying, and volume zeroed for both start up and shut down.
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