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  1. My List: https://tidal.com/playlist/46270eea-1cc7-4900-b08b-f081bdb1f2f4 Thanks SBM
  2. Sure, it's my 2nd day on tidal. Will post once my list is ready. Thanks
  3. Hi @rantan, today I subscribed to tidal premium and listened to music from tidal, it's a magical sound. So MA needs good source to make speaker sing beautiful. Waiting on Chromecast Audio DAC. After DAC it will be speaker cables. Much appreciated your time. Regards, SBM
  4. Thanks mate. As Siad the speakers are toed inward about 10 degrees. I have issues only with some sound tracks not all the songs. Now I am using the cable from Bunnings. Will talk to bill. Will test on Denon as suggested. Many thanks SBM
  5. Thanks, overall the speaker is good. In the highs I fell sometimes it's to bright and it's too much revealing. Other than I do not have any issues. Will try Tidal master today. Once my chrome cast DAC comes will test again.
  6. Hi friends, Recently, I purchased a used monitor audio silver 8. It's used for stereo listening the source files are Spotify, YouTube music. Using Rotel RA 971MKll integrated amp connected via RCA from my Oppo AX7 phone. Chromecast audio in transit but delayed due to covid 19 closures. While listening, I fell the some highs are very bright and shrill. Is that because of low quality music or is speaker opens new music?(last 3 year, I am with Klipsch RP series speakers HT set-up with denon) Is there anything I need to make the sound signature very musical or MA audio sound signature are like this. I fell the music is open, but to much of high's. Any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks , SBM @rantan @genkifd @wen @blakey72
  7. Thanks, it's faulty switch . Tone switch was not proper.
  8. Thanks, I bought from Kogan . I think these are few last pieces for sale in Australia.
  9. Yes , one speaker sound is high, I swapped the connection and the same channel is always louder. RA971 Mkll Rotel amp. Will check the switch tomm. Thanks
  10. Thanks. Yes I tested in same way as you said. Same track played twice . Measured using the decibel meter app at same distance from speaker. As I am not using the proper device but the difference is close to 9db in the max.
  11. Hi mate, it's very approximate measurements only. Tested using the sound meter app. And tested almost close to the speaker at the same distance and volume.
  12. Hi Guys , I am using a vintage Rotel integrated amplifier to power by stereo speakers and noticed that one channel is 10db louder than the other. Is that because of the amplifier is old? Using the same speaker cables on left and right speakers. Connected via mobile using the RCA cable. Attached the measurements using the db meter. It's approximate only. Thanks
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