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  1. Item: Audio Principe Signature Power cable Price Range: $ Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Atleast 1m Please PM me if you have one to sale. Looking for 2 cables. Thanks Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  2. Hi Mate, How does this compare against Audio Principe signature power cable? Thanks
  3. Thanks Geoff, for time being ,I got something that serves my purpose. Much appreciated your message. Will talk to you when I am ready for my new HIFI rack.
  4. @pezzy I just bought a industrial coffee table it can hold 20kgs /tier and it has 2 tier just serves my purpose for now.
  5. Benchmark are great hi-fi electronics. Great musical amplifier 👌
  6. @lenticularis Looking forward to know your thoughts on various gears. Exciting time. Hope you get the Aries delivered soon to facilitate the comparison.
  7. Thanks @cafe67. Selby has nice solid steel rack looks very solid. But for now , I got some thing serves my purpose. @Grizzly
  8. Hello SNA friends, Good day, I am Looking for some suggested on hifi rack (2 tier rack) brand good enough to hold 20 kgs/rack. As the space is a constraint, looking for very slim Line model. Budget : Also Slim (entry level) Thanks in advance. Cheers, ~S
  9. Very good price for a new speakers(for klipsch fans).
  10. Looks great, nice speakers. Is it 3 way speaker? GLWTS
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