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    Thanks Much appreciated your msg.
  2. Interesting to know. Does this duelend tin + neotech copper cable is better than Litz silver + copper dragon IC in your system? Thank you
  3. Looking forward for the feedback on Kompakt DAC with comparison to your existing DAC. Much excited.
  4. Hello, Good day, excited about the new klien DAC looking forward to hear and compare against Fein!
  5. Thanks, what will be best match integrated amplifier for Dyn and B&W please?
  6. @perthpete I am further 400 km away . I need to short best among the best , before audition.
  7. Hi Guys, I am looking to have some feedback on below speakers based on your listening experience. Any info will be much helpful. Setup : Stereo for digital music using DAC Genre: Country, classical,R&B, Pop and Rock, Vocals ,Jazz Integrated amplifier : Luxman 590AX What will be your preference from the below speakers.... PMC 25.26i RRP 16.5k Monitor Audio Gold 300 RRP 9k Dynaudio contour60i RRP 18K SONUS FABER Olympica Nova RRP 16k B&W 804 D3 RRP 14k
  8. MOOV

    WTB: Found

    Item: Found Price Range: around $200 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: please PM me, if in case anyone is selling Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  9. May, I know the cost of AA jumpers, it's not listed on website. Was it a special order ? Thanks
  10. @martin64 had you listened to Dyn audio contour and MA Gold 300. If in case need to choose between these two which will be your choice? Thanks
  11. Nice to know you have all the 3. Is there any reason for Pass labs getting the vote?
  12. Hi Guys, Looking for some members findings in regard to Pass Labs and Luxman. I am looking forward to get to know about your feedback. Luxman 550/590 vs Pass Labs Int25/ Int 60 . Thanks in advance.
  13. I am also curious to know, as like @Jeddie In regard to the PSU Clay, new Dac does not need one of your external Kraftwerk PSU's? For the new prototype DAC.
  14. Buy with confidence, very trusted seller. If some one in the market for Hegel. GLWTS..
  15. Had you ever compared MF against Pass Labs like Pre/Pro? As Pass Labs Pre + MF 800 is killer combination as commented. Just thinking how Pass Labs Pre + MF 800 VS Pass Pre + Pass power amp will compare...
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