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  1. Thanks George, I am newbie to the world of audiophile. I will change my way of questioning 🙂 Much appreciated your feedback. Regards and thanks
  2. Hi George, Does Foilflex sound better than Aurealis Litz based on the cost. It seems aurealis have better value. Cheers ~S
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Snoopy8, I have Klein ll and its DSD capable . Yes I have read great feedback about Fein ll.
  4. Sounds good advice. WW is very expensive. Cost more than my DAC!! Much appreciated your help. @Ginman
  5. Thanks Ginman for the feedback, I am using Klein DAC 🙂
  6. Happy Friday mates, Between wireworld platinum and Curious which is better? Has any one used these cables in their system and have any feedback. Thank you
  7. Happy Friday mates, Between wireworld and Curious which is better? Is curious evolved how much times better in comparison to yellow curious? Thank you
  8. Interested to purchase, is it AU plug?can this be used on Amplifier other than PS Audio?
  9. Hi Guys, Can anyone please help me , how much we can pay for pre loved canon 6D MK ll. With 30k shutter count. With battery, charger and neck strap Thank you
  10. Read previous post , Kompakt DAC SPIDF is on par with USB input based on the comments
  11. Hi Guys, I hope the new owners of Kompakt DAC enjoying your new Kompakt DAC. Had anyone tested/compared different input on DAC - USB vs SPIDF coaxial Thanks in advance.
  12. Cost of upgrade: I-66MKI to MKIII - $2800 I-66MKI to MKIIISE - $4500
  13. Hi, may I please know how old is the 8150? How long you are owing this?
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