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  1. Thanks @rantan. Much appreciated your feedback.
  2. Not yet, but seems good match. Need to demo
  3. Hi @genkifd I was sold to buy MF M6si for my monitor audio silver speakers. Based on the SNA feedback, it seems MF is best choice for MA. Just noted your comments on Elektra+MF. Thanks
  4. Thanks @Cruncher . What you explained makes sense to me the upgrade will get atound 5% betterment. I am new to HI Fi and I have Monitor Audio Silver for stereo and Klipsch RP series 5.1 speakers(HT) with Denon AVR and Rotel integrated amplifier (60-80w/channel). I never experienced high current amp and truly HI FI sound. Just in process of learning and want to upgrade my AVR as well as integrated amplifier step by step.
  5. No worries, much appreciated your feedback and sharing your knowledge on hi fi
  6. Thanks and any thoughts about Hegel with MA. Lot of press going on about hegel @betty boop
  7. @betty boop you recommend MF 6i or MF A5 for my monitor Audio Silver speakers, how good is Elektra for monitor Audio if in case we add good pre amp? Thanks in advance
  8. Well described @DrSK I think still I have not experienced that beauty what you described above. I am looking forward for that. Now I have two speakers brands Klipsch RP260F and Monitor audio silver. Next I will buy a good integrated amplifier like musical fidelity or Hegel and will get that feel. Between this two I think Monitor audio is better speaker.
  9. There is M3i in SNA asking 800$ 2010 model it's ,75w/channel is that two loo power
  10. Thanks, m6i has 220/channel at 8 ohm it's a killer power vow.....
  11. Get a good integrated amp for monitor Audio Silver 8, as I heared fromSNA MA silver speakers need powerful amplifier to make it shine! Enough of speakers, Thank you
  12. @betty boop I need an advice please, I recently purchased a Silver 8 and not happy with my old RA971 MKll Integrated amp. Will Elektra do justice planning to connect 2 channel of Elektra to MA Silver speakers through Marantz AVR? If not good idea what will be the recommendation like good integrated amplifier,how much power is needed for the monitor Audio to come to life? Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks , detailed write up. Avoid AVR for music. Integrated or pre/pro is better. But it's question to me why people are spending so much $$$$-$$$$$ for just listening stereo music!
  14. Hi there, Does anyone have tested connecting the same speakers + subwoofer on different type of amplifiers like - integrated amplifier , Pre/Pro , AVR to listen in stereo mode 2.1 channel and found a difference in sound? Example: Marantz PM8006 + speakers + subwoofer Marantz SR6014 + speakers+ sub (2.1) Marantz pre/pro + speakers+ subwoofer Does the it all sound similar? If it's silly question please excuse me . Marantz is just an example it can be any brand AVR or integrated. Budget around 2500-4000$ Thanks
  15. May, I please know what is the amplifier used to run this speakers? do we have boxes?
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