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  1. Just checked the Octavia RS spec's..looks great.. I think FWD is the only downside. Thanks @pete_mac
  2. Yes @pete_mac. My mistake it's 200 TSI not 210TSI. Thanks
  3. Thanks @pete_mac Much appreciated your help, very detailed write up. Skoda has 206 TSI and 210 TSI.
  4. Hello Friends, Does anyone in the group own Skoda Superb 210 TSI Sportline 4*4? I am looking feedback on the car, like know issues +ve and -ve Is DSG still have issue? It's a same engine used on VW golf type R Thank you
  5. Item: Curious USB cable Price Range: $(Neg) Item Condition: Used or near new Extra Info: wanted 0.6-0.8 m cables Please PM to discuss, if you want to sell. Thanks Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  6. Thanks @hopefullguy Just not want to.spend.more money on speakers just want to.use my rear speakers for.atmos Changing my 5.1 to 3.1.2 But i was not aware 3.1.2 not possible
  7. Hi Guys, I got Klipsch reference premiere speakers and planning to go 3.1.2 set-up. Will this worth 3.1.2??? Can anyone recommend a good cost to performance AVR please.. I am happy for pre-loved AVR/Demo/new as long it can support 4k and Dolby Atmos . Thank you
  8. Hi John, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your new speakers. Exciting times. Just trying to understand , please correct me if I am wrong. 1.Most active speakers use Class D amplification? (How about your D&D). If it's class D is it sonically better than BHK Pre+ BHK 250. Excuse my ignorance ,if I am wrong. 2.Kii, Buchdart does have class D or class AB amplification? Thanks, Srini
  9. Give atleast 50hrs for the jumpers to break-in as it's a new .....after if you do not like then you can change
  10. Why the speaker manufacturers do not give importance to simple things like a quality Jumpers!!!
  11. Thanks @Bill125812 @rantan Much appreciated your time. As I already use Aurealis IC and SC ,I will go with Aurealis.
  12. Hi Guys, Can anyone help me does changing the speaker jumper can elevate the speaker performance? Any good jumper cable recommendations if it has positive impact? Thanks in advance
  13. @sir sanders zingmore will change the room then the amp will be upgraded later . Intially was thinking it was amp issue.
  14. I really felt the Luxman class A magic in a properly treated room. The Elysian floor standers are also amazing with Lumin streamer and Nordost cables. Wilson is in another level. Thanks for pointing to the right Hi Fi shop @rantan
  15. Yes, it's a room size issue , I had chat with Mark @Hydrology. It's more like 3m * 4m room the speaker is on 3m side. Also I have a klipsch floorstanders and center channel on the 4 m side with television. The space is bit cramped.
  16. Thank you sir, I tried placement of speakers, but Now the real.issue is my room as it does not have room proper placement. I need a bit bigger room as the dimension is too small for my setup.
  17. Thanks Lindsay, much appreciated. I am doing good thanks for asking..hope you are doing well. 2 weeks earlier visited Frank Prowse HI FI and listened to Luxman class A int amp . Mark was great guy helped me and gave some suggestions on stereo set-up and to listen Wilson , Wharf speakers. Yes amp and some room treatment are on the to do next list.
  18. Seems very high for normal listening For normal listening I use 50% volume , but I love crank up to 75% sometimes
  19. @sir sanders zingmore @Mat-with-one-t @Steam @John0001 @awayward @cafe67 Thanks everyone. Initially when I started my Journey ,I used chrome cast audio with basic Canare cables and IC's from Bill. Slowely, I upgraded the setup the volume become very refined as I increase the volume it was musical and refined rather than noisy...initially I can not go beyond 12'o clock position of volume in amp..now same setup it sound very musical and refined even I can listen about 70% occasionally. Also Tidal some soundtrack volume is low the volume is no
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