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  1. Seems very high for normal listening For normal listening I use 50% volume , but I love crank up to 75% sometimes
  2. @sir sanders zingmore @Mat-with-one-t @Steam @John0001 @awayward @cafe67 Thanks everyone. Initially when I started my Journey ,I used chrome cast audio with basic Canare cables and IC's from Bill. Slowely, I upgraded the setup the volume become very refined as I increase the volume it was musical and refined rather than noisy...initially I can not go beyond 12'o clock position of volume in amp..now same setup it sound very musical and refined even I can listen about 70% occasionally. Also Tidal some soundtrack volume is low the volume is no
  3. Hello guys, I am looking for a good car Detailers in Perth. Any recommendations please. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks everyone for your feedback . I am 40 years and 6'0" tall, just trying to do MTB as hobby. Just moving from road bike to trails. Will not do any adventures trail. Just want some bike to drive on basic trail and gravel. Will it be wise to buy a hard tail bikes from trek / Gaint/ Merida? Rather than wasting on dual suspension. Currently just enjoying road bike @blybo @koputai @Whites @Honreekea
  5. Hello Friends, Good day, Currently my stereo set-up is as below and looking some advice please Auralic Aries Femto streamer Curious USB Cable Gieseler Klein ll DAC Aurealis Dragon R1 Ag/Cu Litz IC's Marantz PM 8005 Int AMP Aurealis Litz Ag/Cu Speaker Cable SVS PB 2000 Subwoofer Monitor audio silver 8 speakers Mostly used to listen Tidal. I like the way how my speakers sound, sometimes ,I listen as loud as 70% volume. If , I want to improve the soundstage further is it best to upgrade the DAC or Integrated A
  6. Hi There, Good day... I am new to Biking and looking to get into MTB world . Based on your experience , I am looking for some pointers to a good entry level dual MTB bike ? Budget : around $3500 Thank you Currently using Reid Falco road bike..
  7. The mind set of the people change the requirements for HT and 2ch!!! if you are happy with the same speaker for both 2ch and HT. Its best and you got the good speaker. The above suggestions is for SNA member blackhole.
  8. Klipsch+SVS are better combo for HT, SVS 3000 is best in terms of size and performance in the svs sub range. Klipsch will be the winner for HT than wharfadale. If possible buy RF7s if budget allows. Please demo and find which suites your ears better. I use klipsch + SVS + Denon for HT , monitor audio cannot give the same movie experience in terms of movie sound effects/dynamics - klipsch wins. But Monitor audio is good for the 2ch stereo music ,where Klipsch can not come near to that 2ch music performance of Monitor Audio Silver. Both the brands are
  9. If in case you want great dynamics and deeper Impact then you should try Klipsch RP series or Klipsch RF7 or Krix(if you prefer locally made). Because the horn loaded klipsch and SVS sub makes a great combo with speed and accuray for great HT experience. With higher scale.
  10. Because , you already have a good speaker, money spent on new speakers will have very lil improvement. While ignoring the room, placement, room treatment, amplification and cables as mentioned by snoopy.
  11. Monitor Audio are good speakers before going upgrade path can you try upgrade your amplification and speaker cables to bring the true potential. In my case, when I started using Monitor Audio Silver 8 floorstanding, It was not so impressive compared to my Klipsch RP260F (Klipsch have great impact, dynamics which are special in it's own way) But, based on feed back from @rantan and other fellow SNA members. I upgraded my interconnects, speaker cables . All this upgrade items are entry level items. Monitor Audio floorstanders are balanced speakers, in
  12. Hi Guys, Just trying to find out is there any shop in Perth, where we can trade in our used speakers or amplifier for new . In case we want to upgrade our pre-loved HIFI gears. I know there are few shops in Sydney and Melbourne but want to check do we have any in Perth? Thanks in advance Monk
  13. Great heritage speakers series, best with tubes too, even just 10 watts will make put smile on the face
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