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  1. Hey mate, says you can’t accept messages right now (full mail box?) but I’m interested in this, shipping to Perth. Thanks!
  2. Ahh man had this on my wantlist for a while, but not sure I cba do it right now... ahhh feel myself talking myself into it.
  3. Beautiful condition! I have a L-435 in great shape, and wish I could justify upgrading to this bigger brother but it would just be overkill for my modest setup. Good luck.
  4. Gorgeous! Wish I could justify it, but can‘t right now, good luck.
  5. I’m extremely interested. I have a Pioneer PL550 and love it, always wanted a bigger brother. I’d be willing to pay for shipping to Perth as well.
  6. Already own this edition but it’s great. Classic album and I love the lenticular cover.
  7. I have a denon DL103 with not too many hours, wired into a headshell for my Pioneer PL-550. Think it’s worth swapping to the denon?
  8. Thanks I’ll read through that thread right now.
  9. Wow mate, I figured I’d never get a lid for it, if you’re willing to part with it I’m definitely interested in buying it. For me it’s more about keeping out toddlers fingers rather than dust. Thanks for the advice on the Blue, I think I’ll keep it for now and see how it plays through my collection. I’m used to having a changeable headshell so I wanted to make sure it was a good pairing.
  10. Recently purchased a Luxman PD-277 in really nice condition (just missing dust cover) for a decent price. It came with an Orofon Blue MM on it with not too many hours, already installed. As per the manual (https://www.vinylengine.com/library/luxman/pd-277.shtml) the optimum tracking force is 2.5g, but I've read that 1.8g is better. I don't want to overcapitalise, I know it's not the most impressive TT, but I think it could maybe have a better MM on there. My Luxman L-435 amp can run MC pretty nice apparently (not done it myself yet) MC so that could be an option too. Probably would
  11. Thanks again mate! Can’t believe I missed it here.
  12. Beautiful! Had this model on my wantlist for a while but the timing is not great right now. GLWS and if it’s still going in a couple of weeks I’ll be right back!
  13. I just had an ebay deal fall through for this amp. So it's in good working condition?
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