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  1. G'day, I'd need 2 x 2 speaker binding posts, similar to the ones in the photo. Ebay is full of them, but I do not need 10 pairs and prefer not to wait two months. They should be similar as I'd like to go to tri-amping, with retaining kinda factory look. Dimensions are: 17mm sticking out of the mounting surface and the diameter is about 11mm. Something similar would be nice. If someone in Sydney has two sets and is ready to sell, please let me know. Thank you.
  2. I have three pairs of Pioneer D'Appolito speakers. Lovely design, this pair definitely needs to be saved.
  3. Item: Pioneer AS-BT100 or AS-BT200 Item Condition: Used, working Looking for one of these bluetooth adapters. I know I could buy one from China for a smaller fortune, but I reckon that is not going to happen. I stumbled upon a Pioneer N-50 for $150 from a gentleman, and it would be a nice addition for occasional BT streaming. If someone has one lying around unused and is happy to sell, please send me a message with an asking price and location. Thanks a lot,
  4. OK, I'll refrain from the term, apologies. Yes! This is it! I did some googling, classics from the golden ages. Gorgeous. Thanks a lot!
  5. Certainly looks the part. The missus would probably kill me if I even mentioned one of these.
  6. G'day, New here Down Under, but life is hard without HiFi gear and I thought at least one component should be Australian made. I already have speakers, so turntable maybe? May I ask for your advise if there are/were Australian made turntable brands? Thanks in advance, Zsolt
  7. I know this is a long shot, but are you, by any chance coming someplace close to Sydney, anytime soon?
  8. Unfortunately no. But funny enough, my mum used to design cabinets for studio monitors and mixing consoles. And I do have a turntable from that factory, even though I paid for it.
  9. Once upon a time I lived about a kilometre from the factory and back in the golden ages my Grandma was quality supervisor there.
  10. Actually they can be repaired. It is not the head, but the head panel. It uses some dodgy electrolyte caps, that heat up to 80 degrees during operation. They all develop a leak and destroy the four layer PCB. I still do not know whether an idiot or a genius designed it. Anyway, the caps need to go and get replaced by industrial grade ones. The PCB can be an issue, mine was fixed by a friend under microscope...
  11. G’day, There is a ProJect 1.2 turntable for peanuts in my neighbourhood, but it is lacking the platter as the owner says it warped. I know it does happen to this model. I have always wanted to give a try to one of these simple tables, so the question goes, if any of you has replaced the original platter with something like a Rega glass platter, or something on this model? Thanks for your help in advance, Zsolt.
  12. Weiss are not complete beginners when it comes to digital conversion, to put it mildly. They also have a professional grade sampling rate converter software with DSD <> PCM conversion. Unique stuff, GLWTS!
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