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  1. Since the sale of Velodyne, the site no longer includes links to the PC software. Does anyone know where it might be downloaded or have A copy? thanks D
  2. I don’t plan to sell the POA. I have all my front channels bi-amped and bi-wired. It works very well. D
  3. Hi, yes it does as well as the updated microphone assembly for tuning the system. David
  4. High praise:-). You are correct, Denon does not make them like they used to and mores the pity. D
  5. Further information: The Denon AVP A1HD was built as a no-compromise AVP pre-amplifier. The unit offered for sale is in excellent order, visually and aurally. Too many features to list, but the unit was upgraded to support Audyssey Dynamic Volume. See https://www.denon.com/en-au/shop/avreceiver/avpa1hda. Original reviews included https://www.audioholics.com/av-preamp-processor-reviews/denon-avp-a1hdci. The audio side of the unit remains excellent. I am the original owner, and can ship (would prefer pick-up as the unit is 32.5kg) in the original box. The unit has been housed in an open-framed hifi rack, the Spider rack, providing outstanding cooling for all components. Shipping/ insurance to be purchased by buyer. Local pickup is preferred. Reasonable offers considered. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Item: Linn Ikemi Location: Melbourne Price: $999 Item Condition: Very good, unmarked Reason for selling: Replaced with a universal disc player Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal Extra Info: This has been my reference CD and HDCD player for some years but I am simplifying my setup. Originally priced around $3600USD. The review below sums the performance up perfectly. The Linn is in excellent working order, unmarked, comes with balanced XLR cables, a remote, and original box for safe transportation. This unit is very well constructed, delivers incredible detail and an expansive sound stage. HiFi Review. "Sound wise this is typical Linn. Fast, refined, smooth and very detailed. You can hear just about everything in the mix. Although rather than sound analytical it sounds warm and silky. It has beautiful tone and the way it flows from passage to passage is a real delight." Nuff said. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Thanks to all for the contributions and the variety of perspectives. I will be hanging onto my Oppo and not buying even more disk storage. In this day and age, it is a lot easier to have a hard-drive crash than (with care) damage a CD. All of my photos are now on backup drives, with backups of the backups. Tedious and expensive. D
  8. My concern with streaming services is a bit like my attitude to jpg images. Once you have removed a significant number of pixels, you cannot get the original fidelity back. the information is gone. The number of pixels in a jpg is not always an indicator of quality, but a quality image that has been reduced in size has always lost information. The standard for CDs was set in 1980 and was a reflection of, in part, of computing power. One wonders what the standard might be now if a CD was invented. D
  9. Interesting discussion folks I hadn't thought of ripping the existing CDs, particularly some of my higher bit recordings to improve quality. Appreciated D
  10. Thanks, a very informed view of HDCD and the history, strengths and weaknesses. I am not sure I want to take the time to encode everything. Your point re the 'transport' and DACs is very well made. My observation is that the entire DAC/audio/video needs to be moved out of their respective units (CD players/video etc) so that one isn't throwing out equipment that is still very functional, but cannot be updated to the latest input/codec/format. It's probably not possible though. D
  11. Many many thanks Ian and TDK Ian, this is a fabulous list that I have already bookmarked. I have an older Linn CD/HDCD transport and a newer Oppo BDP 205. The Linn is very very close to the Oppo, not withstanding the newer technologies found in the Oppo. Both have an excellent build. I feel invigorated regarding the possibilities with your list Ian. Serious shopping ahead. Again thank you D
  12. The market has really moved but are CDs are still a thing with many turning back to turntables and vinyl? Audio Hi-res sites are out there but this assumes that everyone has storage to burn, and very very fast systems that can process the bit rate (lots of DACs being discussed). What then is the future for all of us that invested in CDs, DDD and the like? D
  13. Hi This may not be what you are looking for specifically, but ..... I'm selling an older Linn Ikemi CD HDCD player that is in excellent condition. I'll include a set of balanced cables if you like. It is still a superb transport and built to last. I have changed my setup and would like someone who appreciates good audio to continue using the Linn. Happy to demo in Melbourne. D
  14. Sounds quite sensible, thank you. I am wary of going very high end again given the speed at which the new formats are changing although I've had very good service from the current set-up. We almost need an even more modular system structure where the processing side is compact, reasonably priced, and replaceable. A box that focuses on audio and video processing only and has all of the switching in another component. Thanks again. I'll look out for a recent model AVP in the classifieds. D
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