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  1. Further information: What you see, is what you get: 1 x Cambridge Audio AXR-100 Integrated Amp 1 x Dayton Audio USB DAC (i used this to from my laptop to amp. (spotify etc.) 1 x Remote Control 1 x Power Cord I DO NOT have the box or the other two power cords originally included. Unfortunately the box/ 2 extra cords were stolen from my patio! So someone is enjoying a cardboard box! As new, ordered from AUDIOFIX on the 17/03/2020 Have now upgraded to an Exposure Amp. so no longer need this one. Worked great, no problems, just outgrown it. DAC is also of the about the same age, with only very minor surface marks (see pics) Receipt will be included in sale. Specs as follows: The most powerful amplifier in the AX range offers a massive 100 watts per channel, a dedicated subwoofer speaker output for improving bass and two sets of speaker outputs. It also features analogue inputs, digital inputs, a phono stage, an FM/AM receiver with RDS and a 3.5mm input. In addition, the built-in bluetooth receiver allows you stream your favourite music from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Specs - POWER OUTPUT: 100 watts (into 8Ω) INPUTS: PCM 16-24-bit S/P DIF Co-axial 32-192kHz TOSlink Optical 32-192kHz, 3 analogue inputs, 1 phono stage input WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth DIMENSIONS: 110 x 430 x 340mm WEIGHT: 8.1kg Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Great speakers and company to deal with when questions are asked. But sadly very unknown, especially here in AU. So many people pass them by because they don't have that brand name recognition and by doing so, pass by a gem without knowing it.
  3. Purchased these beautiful Black Ash NEAT Motive 2 speakers on the 27th FEB 2020 (receipt will be included) MADE IN THE UK Since that time, I have listened to another set of NEAT speakers and have upgraded to those. Now it is a case of keeping one set and moving on these. That is the only reason for selling. Please Note: These are the Motive 2 .........NOT Motive SX2 (SX2 is the latest model, now $2599.00AU) Although these are a smaller floor-standing speaker (only 76cm high), they produce a large sound and drop to 35hz! perfect for those who want a floor-stander but without them taking over too much space. Original Cost $1699.00 ( I am making these as fair priced as possible, so anyone who wants one of the few speakers still built outside China, can do so without a huge outlay) Postage: Available - Courier arrangements & Courier Costs buyers end. Made in the UK - 5 year Australian Warranty I have original box Specifications: Type................................................2-way reflex Impedance......................................8 ohms Sensitivity........................................85dB at 1 watt Bandwidth.......................................35Hz to 30kHz Dimensions(w x d x h).....................22.5 x 26 x 76.5 cm Weight.............................................9kg per side Both speakers are slightly angled up to point towards the listeners position and both come with spiked plinths (removable) Online Reviews: https://www.whathifi.com/neat/motive-2/review http://www.audioreview.com/product/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/neat-acoustics/motive-2.html Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Good on you, i knew that one wouldn't last long!
  5. That is good to know. Punch is harder to find IMO than rumble. The T9i is a beauty. Yes i would think the T7i is not far behind at all by all accounts.
  6. That is how i have been doing my SVS lately, big difference.
  7. OK thanks, yes i have an SVS which is more rumble and was after something a tad more punchy.
  8. How do you find the bass on these? Is it more punchy (kick drum type slam )or floor shaking rumble? Also, did you notice a huge difference between the connection methods? The T71 is on my radar
  9. They are very good speakers for sure. I am keeping the sell price as low as possible, so someone can get e a great deal to start a system, or add to an existing one.
  10. Ascension (Adelaide Speakers)...........Made In Australia Valve series prototype V1062AQTL 2-way Efficient Floor Standing Speakers Purchased direct from Adelaide speakers on 25th January 2020 http://www.adelaidespeakers.com/valve.html Local Pickup Only - No Postage Option Is Offered Due To Size/Weight. Sorry. Condition: Used - But Near New. Can still smell the fresh American Oak! Purchased these from Edward who was a great help in selection of the these speakers. But they are a little oversized in the smaller room. I think they would suit a larger room where they can breath and do their magic down to 32hz. No real need for a sub, but as usual, a sub is best! I have been running these on a Yamaha HTR 2071 (cheap) and also Cambridge Audio integrated amp. AXR100. As they are easy to power, both work a treat, so you don't need expensive high powered equipment to run these. I have never used a valve amp, but these are of course suitable for that duty also. Details: Valve series prototype V1062AQTL 2-way efficient floor standing speakers Size: 1020H x 300W x 225D 8 ohms 140wrms 94dB 1W/1M (easy to power with receivers 5.1 etc.) 32Hz - 30kHz /- 2db with short hybrid transmission line bass load and smooth series crossover design, in American Oak veneered cabinet. Weight 23kg each 10 inch woofer 2 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. Maybe in that case you need to do some demo's in person ratehr than ask for advice online. Sounds like advice is of no use to you, unless it backs what you seem to really want - PSA!. Just buy them and move on.
  12. No doubt they are great speakers. Something if chance allows one day i would like to demo for a longer period.
  13. -SVS Ultra Bookshelf (the cheaper SVS Prime is good, but the ultra is better). -Neat Acoustics Motive SX3: (even the baby Neat IOTA are exceptional speakers sounding more like larger speakers than bookshelf and most likely my next purchase). These if bookshelf is the only option Neat Acoustics are best speakers i have heard to date and have a set myself of a different model. They are hand-made in the UK...........but can be ordered in AU -ELAC do some nice speakers in the price range, but my experience with them is limited.
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