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  1. Thanks buddy. That was a 3m-ish long bookshelf unit that has always been too big and heavy. So I took to it with a saw! To turn it into two units half the size. And this half looks pretty sweet as it's open ended. It's solid timber, and the beams run all the way across the supports, so it's strong enough to hold up (for now!) My loading is at 470 at the mo. To change that requires soldering in a different resistor. Easy enough, but not something I've needed to try yet. Will let the 301 burn in before doing anything else. On that note, do you remember how long a break
  2. 's been a week or two with the new cartridge(s), phono stage and preamp, so I thought I'd send an update, with a few pics this time too So, the new gear is very nice! The Turner phono stage and preamp have an awesome rustic charm. Clearly a hand made project, a very cool look which I love. It came with vintage tubes (requires 8 small tubes) , plus a handful of spares to play with, all vintage. It sounded great from the get-go. But, I couldn't help but feel, with my amp being tubes too, that it had added a little too much tube warmth and atmosph
  3. @andyr can agree - sound is definitely more atmospheric, airy, 'holographic' on 1K. I think I prefer it now haha. Still no sign of the new phono. Express post is 4 days in and counting! Surely tomorrow. We'll see
  4. Haha touche! But surely that's pretty close Good to know there's options on gain My preference is to avoid additional equipment unless needed (or, until later!!!), so first I'll give it the 'ears test' and see how the system feels. I also wonder if slight gain increases can be had through slight changes in tube choice, but at what cost to quality / tube life I've no idea First things first, I think best to get it all up and running! Will update when I know more Thanks again peeps, you've been super helpful
  5. I should also add, my Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated runs 4 x Kt120 power tubes. Hopefully that means sufficient clean power for the new set up. With the Project phono set to 60db, it most certainly was more than enough today. So I imagine it will be sufficient for 57db gain. Time will tell, hopefully as soon as tomorrow!
  6. I have 63db gain available, and did know that would be more appropriate But selected 60db as I believe the tube phono stage in the mail is currently set at 57db gain, and I wanted to see if it was going to be enough Will definitely try the 1K setting on the Project again Will also update with photos when the new kit arrives If you'd like to take a look, below is the one that I've picked up. Details are far more technical than I can digest, but please take a look! Would love to hear your thoughts http://www.turneraudio
  7. @MattyW I am indeed moving up to a new (used) phono stage. Its on its way and should arrive tomorrow or Friday. It is a hand made pure tube MC phono stage and tube preamp. Can't wait to try it out.
  8. I'm still waiting on the new tube phono stage, which should arrive tomorrow or Friday. Very excited about that one. Coincidentally I believe it is pre-configured to 470 (is this a common MC setting?), and although configurable, from what I can tell I believe it might be a solder job to do change. Currently using my Project Phono Box S2, which only has a couple of impedance options (10, 100, 1K). I started on 100, which sounded excellent. Then, I tried 1K, which I think might have sounded a tiny bit harsher. So I switched back to 100. I've set gain at 60db
  9. Hi everyone Thought I'd follow up for future readers. Far too often people seem to post, promising they'd follow up at a later date with the all important review, but then that doesn't happen The Philips GP922 arrived today It sounds absolutely fantastic Early days clearly, but I can absolutely say that it has a great level of detail, rich lows and silky smooth mids and highs. And, delivered in a way which sounds natural and effortless. The Ortofon Om40 that it is replacing is no slouch. And where I would say it is most noticeabl
  10. Thanks for the advice everyone. I just picked up the Philips! It should arrive next week. @MattyW the seller said that the stylus is original and has not been retipped. He said that stylus and suspension are in very good shape. And that the cart came from a collection purchased from a Japanese shop. Sounds like it is relatively uncommon, so it will be easier for me to down the Denon path later if I choose, than vice versa. Thanks for the tips (excuse the pun!) I will update when I have tried it out 😄
  11. OK awesome. Clear advice! And anything you can tell about the tip on that one?! Looks like the guy has good ratings, and rated it as very good
  12. Thanks for the replies gents. Appreciate it. It looks like it is configurable to between 100 and 1K, I believe it is an open up job to modify though. I think it is set in the middle of that range at the moment. So, it sounds like the Denon 103R is a better option than the 301? And, the Philips 922 which I've not heard of. It does look like the infrequent reviews are good. @MattyW - your advice would be to grab the one you've just posted? Would that tip be original, and does this matter anyway?
  13. I should add. If anyone has recommendations for a similarly priced low output MC, that would be well suited to the Grace G840, I'd love to hear about those too. Thanks again
  14. Hi all Seeking your assistance please! I am about to upgrade to a low output MC cartridge (along with a MC tube phono stage). And I am confused by tonearm weight, cartridge compliance etc I have a customised Rega tt, with a Grace G840 arm. Full set up is listed below. I think I have narrowed it down to the Denon 103R, and the Denon 301 mk2. From what I have read, I may find the 301 mk2 has 'better' sound, due to its elliptical stylus. It is apparently best suited to a low mass tonearm. The 103R (conical) is more suited t
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