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  1. Mine is a first generation Bluos module for my Nad C368 (from Grays online of all places). It cost $90ish delivered.
  2. Great amp. Add the Bluos module and this is really all the amp you need. Mine serves as the family streaming hub in the kitchen/living room. GLWTS
  3. Very useful amp. My family uses a C368 for streaming. GLWTS.
  4. I picked up the 1st gen. Bluos card from Grays online of all places. It cost less than $100 shipped. Best hifi bargain I have ever found. Whoever buys this should keep an eye on Grays as they have sold a few of them.
  5. I was in a similar situation recently. I ended up with a Rotel A10, Rega P1 and Monitor Audio Bronze 2. This system sounds great. There are a lot of options at budget price points. The new Rega looks like a fantastoc amp. Don't forget the classifieds here. I nabbed a newish NAD C368 for $700 which I use for digital listening. It's a class above the A10 for very little extra money.
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