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  1. Item:TWEETER Price Range: NEGOTIABLE Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: DESPERATELY SEEKING A RARE DRIVER - PART NUMBER BELOW; HSD2427-01D
  2. Have a pair for sale if you are still looking.
  3. Sad to see these go, bit sentimental after a great listening session yesterday evening. Not many speakers can get below 30 Hz with decent volume. Was really enjoying the bass cello notes on https://tidal.com/browse/track/109867277
  4. Further information: One of the best loudspeakers Yamaha made that no-one knows about (notwithstanding the NSX-10000), they are better than the NS-1000, the NS-1000M, and even the lesser known NS-1000X True Audiophiles know the pedigree of these speakers - with a good system they will outperform many $20-30K speakers. These are a Factory matched pair (matching serial numbers). Drivers and crossovers are in good condition (speakers frequency response measures like factory), stands are included, and all original driver retaining screws also included. Cabinets hav
  5. Hi All, I am a newly re-born audio enthusiast. 2 channel stereo musical content is my thing, and I enjoy the sometimes difficult marriage between subjective enjoyment and objective measurement. The realisation that under 200-500Hz we are mainly hearing the room - not the hifi equipment or speakers - has changed the way I consume and setup my systems fundamentally for the better. I have been a member for a while but just worked out (thanks Admin) that I need to provide a formal introduction to be able to place a For Sale ad. My GOAT NS
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