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  1. Further information: In excellent condition, been used only by me in a small room connected to ATC monitors. Never driven with +4 input so never given a run at full whack. This is the one with the blue light as reviewed here Home theater hifi review Have the manual, was purchased from wicked digital in Cremorne. Is about 6 years old. Happy to audition for people, happy to do a deal. Will include speaker cables pictured with sale Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Yes, I misread. I wouldn't passive Bi-amp, its a waste of power in my eyes. For the purist in me, using an active crossover that has had less R&D (for the specific use) put into it than the internal passive crossover in the speaker seems pointless. Speaker manufacturers design their stuff to work, if you are not happy with that, buy something designed for active bi-amping.
  3. Generally dependant on if you subscribe to the audio cable $$$ value argument or not. For those happy with bunnings 10AWG, no, passive (EDIT) Bi-wiring will make no difference. For those with cables over $50 each, yes, 100% will make a difference
  4. Stepped attenuator or relay circuit generally. I don't think they alter the sound, but change the soundstage and channel balance, definitely. matched resistors do a much better job!! Thanks, I think I might go out and get one!
  5. Any issues with it running at full volume? It looks great except for the volume pot. I would be very tempted to buy and bridge the volume as I don’t trust potentiometers....
  6. I’ll turn speakers up and if it feels loud, that’s probably the end of my interest. Feeling loud generally just means they are pushing into distortion. I listen at a volume where I can still talk to people in the room. If I can hear all the detail, probably means the speakers are accurate enough. I don’t want to hear the speakers, I want them to disappear! if I turn them up and don’t feel fatigue and can still hear everything but can’t talk to the person next to me, that says to me it’s a great system. If I want to see how loud they can go, I’ll step into the next room and ask the salesperson to destroy their ears for me.
  7. Good evening all, I actually can't believe I have never joined here previously. I have worked in the audio industry previously and currently run a pub. Have a secret obsession with my audio gear but am far too pragmatic to get caught up in the hype. Mix bands occasionally, burn my fingers with solder more often than I ever make anything useful and have just started to collect vinyl again, much to my wife's dismay
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