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  1. So I finally made it to an audio store. Had long listen to Monitor Audio Bronze 2 powered by a Sonos amp as he didn't have a Yamaha WXA-50. Needless to say I was quite impressed..................... until I asked to hear another option. He connected up a pair of Wharfedale 4.1. Oh my word. So now my current list looks like this; Wharfedale 4.1 Sonos Amp Sonos Sub He said he would buy the Sonos amp everyday over the Yamaha. Then I asked if there are other brand options for mini integrated Amps and he said the only other he could suggest was an Arcam (He didn't mention a
  2. I take it the Yamaha wxa-50 isn't a half decent AV receiver?
  3. Hi Team. I'm NAYR. I've been wanting to improve the sound of my tv since I bought it about 9 minths ago but as usual I haven't pulled the trigger because I'm the type that researches to the point of confusion. So here I am. My main priorities are clear audio for sport specifically AFL and to a lesser extent occasional music. (I mainly listen to TOOL). And thats about it. By no means I am a ruthless audiophile, I just don't mind paying for quality and I'd rather do that and be happy with my choice then regret because of compromise. Also, I think if I buy something I rea
  4. I'm in a similar situation. I'm sick of the crap audio from my newish bravia so I've done some basic research and without having listened to anything my cross-hairs are now down to two options to experience and compare first. First is Yamaha wxa-50 with either Monitor Audio Bronze 2 or Silver 100. OR a set of KEF LSX. Just need some time to get to a local KEF dealer which is Miles away from me. For me its as basic as it gets. I need something smallish and its just for sports audio and an occasional bit of music. Very appreciative of any other suggestions.
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