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  1. Does anyone know where there would be a JVC RS2000 or Sony 695es Setup instore at all ? Or know where i can view either one of these projectors on the Sunshine Coast, willing to travel far to see them, or one before committing to the purchase
  2. Yea i will be having a 140 inch 16:9 screen So o think the 1.16 gain woven will definitely be welcome over the .9 gaon o was originally looking at. Was able to get a hold of Rich and hes only a couple hour drive from me so will be visiting him in the morning.
  3. Hmm, okay.... I appreciate your opinions and will definitely look into the JVC. I plan on pairing the projector with a Panasonic UB9000 so i think it will really shine, my concern is the brightness especially on a woven screen which im getting... I will just have to find a show room with the JVC in it, Does anyone know of any around the sunshine coast/Brisbane area ? Can drive hours if need be if it means putting my mind at ease
  4. From what I can tell they both excel in different areas, colours abd picture goes to the sony..... while black levels go to JVC From 3 days research I've come to this conclusion
  5. Gah, so many mixed feelings, finally caught up with reading, Reading this thread made it harder cant make up my mind. Building my first house and setting up a theatre room, speakers and AMP sorted but im stuck between the sony 570es and JVC N7 Leaning towards the Sony at this stage. Gah
  6. Ive looked into screen Technics, they have perforated and Woven though the are around the .9 gain mark which is alittle low for me being 1.16 on the OZ theatre, thats made me pretty happy
  7. Yea definitely, those OZtheatre are looking real good, 1.16 makes a huge fL jump from .9 I will be looking into them, Cheers for the links
  8. Is there such thing as a woven AT with a gain higher than 1.0 ?
  9. thats interesting, my concern is having the projector in front of the seating being a hassle, and as Hopefullguy stated its a noisy projector as well, Sony are well known for having a brighter display for the lumens they are rated for so im here hoping.... If I can get beautiful picture on SDR I will be pretty happy. But moving it forwards to achieve 23fL is definitely something worth considering.... i would be happy with that brightness
  10. Okay I might have to look at a few things, laser projector maybe
  11. It doesnt really show it but its roof mounted, at around 5.5m. Speakers are krix LCR Krix atmospherics AS Krix Phonix wall mounted Krix volcanic slim x 2 Anthem 1120 rec Anthem amp I Will post a better picture
  12. Yea i might have to do abit of reading regarding the Image processing and what they do..... the JVC N7 has 1900 lumens opposed to the 1800 the sony pumps out. You having a larger screen as well, do you find this is sufficient for you (You say it gives more than enough, are you in a dark room) ? are you running 100% brightness etc ? Cheers for your reply
  13. Hi, New member to Stereo.net.au and loving it, I need some help/advice please. I am building a new house (4 months) and Im going a dedicated home theatre room 7.3m x 4.2m. Ive decided to go a AT screen either Woven or Perforated as i want as big as i can fit comfortably in that room, my concern is the brightness, Most i can find have gains of around .8 to .95 The projector is a Sony 570es (695es) native 4k with 1800lumens, My concern is the size of the screen being 140inch, the throw of around 5.5 - 6m and AT screen wont get very bright. As i would like to hit close to HDR colours/brightness if possible. If anyone has any recommendations i can consider, or better yet has a set up similar that can share experience with. Appreciate your time.
  14. I'm building Bli Bli, Sunshine coast.... still months away but its something to look forward to. Just need some good room designs (colours, LEDs and some pictures)
  15. Yea that sounds pretty epic. Im thinking mine is pretrty similar, im getting: Megaphonix LCR in walls, Phonix Wall surrounds x 4, Volcanix Slim x 2 woofers ATMOSPHERIX AS x 4 Anthem MRX1120 (Receiver) Anthem MCA325 (amp) Pretty keen even though ive never heard them going
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