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  1. I do have that on CD somewhere will go dig it up for another listen
  2. I got about a third the way into it and I don't care how right he might be, I just couldn't listen to the tossbag any more.
  3. Kris Kristofferson - Me and Bobby McGee Jackson Browne - Hold Out Wikipedia says "Hold Out" is Jackson Browne's biggest selling album. It's hard to see why, it just kind of drifts past without leaving much of an impression. There is no great "My name is Jackson Browne and I am here to kick you in the guts" songs like "Late for the sky" or "The Pretender", the title track is paint by numbers Browne and the rest of it kind of sounds like he is doing Jackson Browne like things but has forgotten why. The Kristofferson record - I think it's easy to forget just
  4. Jackson Brown - The Pretender The only Mofi pressing I have - lovely sounding record I can see why people treasure them so much. Shame the sleeve is a bit beaten up, the record itself looks unplayed.
  5. A little reward for doing some actual work this morning: Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Easy Pieces To a suburban, pretentious teenager good old Lloyd Cole sounded so worldly wise, as if he was spitting truth about adult relationships and work and cigarettes and too much wine. In retrospect he wasn't much more than a pretentious young adult himself but it's still good. "Rattlesnakes" might be marginally better but this is worth a spin. His first solo album from 1990 (which I only have on CD) is an absolute ripper though - he did grow up eventually but the haircu
  6. Probably not - but if it's a Young Talent Time record or something similar, I'm not sure an ultrasonic cleaner is worth the hassle. I cleaned what looked like vomit off one record and it plays OK 😁
  7. I have two cartridges - one for the charity shop records and another one for the good/new records. On a lot of tone arms you simply unscrew the head shell and swap them over. You can get decent but cheap cartridges or buy a "good" cartridge and leave the original that came with the turntable for the dodgy stuff. Everything gets cleaned though, I don't have a machine but I do have a spritz bottle and a clean cloth for the truly filthy stuff, carbon brush for everything else.
  8. I often wonder how this stuff disappears. I had a small collection of good vinyl from the first "vinyl revival" in the 1990s that included The Clouds double 45 "Cloud Factory", a white vinyl re-issue of the Velvet Underground "Banana" LP and some P-Funk and other things. No idea where they went on the move out of Sydney to up here. I have a faint suspicion her indoors deliberately left a box of "my junk" out of the truck but I know I would never have deliberately thrown them out.
  9. Al Stewart - 24 PCarrots It's a bit rockier than I expected - still those pleasingly twee vocals and whatnot, the subject matter isn't as much of the strange historical stuff on Time Passages/Year of the Cat but it's unmistakeably him. Not bad! Pity about the state of the cover - grabbed this and "Russians and Americans" from a charity shop, thankfully the records are in good nick.
  10. No - my daughter is down there at Uni - went through on my way home from being in southern NSW, she was jonesing to go out to "The Mosh Pit" which is out in Cardiff. Spent far too much money so missing out on the record was probably a good thing. Every copy of Sirocco I come across seems to be completely munted including my own, I'm not sure why. They all look like they were the mainstay of several parties. The others can be found in good nick though which is great.
  11. Got snaked for a copy of this in a record store in Newcastle over the weekend. Still kicking myself because I need it to round out the first three albums properly 😆
  12. Went on a road trip this week for work, did manage to find a bit of second hand vinyl in odd places but also came home to some that I ordered from discogs. here's a sample of this mornings listening. David Bowie - Let's Dance. Despite the ubiquity of the songs from side 1 I still love it after all these years. Originally owned the cassette now have a lovely original Aus pressing and it is fantastic. Gerry Rafferty - Night Owl. In perfect nick and sounding great. Mental as Anything - Cats and Dogs. My favourite of their albums and the cover is brilliant. Fleetwood Mac -
  13. I have a DD, quartz locked table (technics sl1400 mk2) and promised I would just put the 2M red on it until I could afford the right cartridge. Turns out the 2M Red is a steal, especially if you play a lot of 2nd hand records.
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