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  1. I don't think this is true. People will only pay what they think something is worth and if yours is the only one available, the last sale price might be irrelevent, especially if it is something fancy and the vendor went out of business or cheapened the replacement product out. The price of vintage Sansui gear isn't affected by the 1980s post-failure Sansui dross that is worth nothing.
  2. Simple Minds - New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) Weird title, great album. "The King is White and in the Crowd" is atmospheric and weird and they never did anything as good as that again, which was a shame. Also a good sounding record even if Kerr's vocals are fairly low in the mix.
  3. I don't know that there are any good sources on this album - the CD is dreadful, the streaming versions sound like the CD and the cassette was incredibly difficult to listen do (just mastered terribly). Perhaps importing a newer one might be worthwhile. edit: the 2002 remaster on Youtube music is dreadful. They doubled down on the compression and it sounds like listening to music through two garbage bins connected with string.
  4. It will be an interesting journey regardless
  5. You don't necessarily need a DAC level input on your amp. You can get good results with RCA level inputs. I run an old Marantz receiver for audio duties connected to my laptop, but I also have other stuff connected to it. i.e. Laptop-->(usb)->DAC->(rca)->Aux1 on amp. Turntable->(rca)->Turntable on amp. Tape->(rca)->Tape1 on amp. For the subwoofer, I'm using the speaker level outputs on speaker B. That way I can switch it out when I don't want it, but the volume is controlled by the receiver. If the receiver had bass manag
  6. Or more sometimes. Not necessarily to audio enthusiasts, but also to Rat Shack collectors. Most audio gear needs to appeal to some collector aspect to really hold it's value.
  7. This thread prompted me to go and buy a few more pre-recorded cassettes. A stark reminder of the format from a collectability perspective: If somebody loved a vinyl record, they would keep it close to their record player. If somebody loved a cassette, they would keep it...in their car 😬 They were never designed for a long life. There are a few here I have carefully glued the little cotton block back onto the little suspension thingy only to find the tape is as warbly as Belinda Carlisle gargling.
  8. Quick and possibly stupid question - if the SR5005 has bass management, is it switched off? i.e. is that AVR expecting to see a subwoofer and cutting the frequencies to your mains? Or are the mains set to small/medium or something like that? Usually an AVR can be made to work in a 2.0 situation pretty well, but switching all the trickery off can be quite a task. Until you do that, your speakers won't be receiving the entire signal.
  9. Hmmm - Windows Embedded "enhanced" by Wyse. Massive red flag for me. You would need the licensed server software to make them work usefully which will be prohibitively expensive. I hate to say it but like a lot of those thin clients, they are too niche to appeal to the kinds of hackers you need to make them useful. Sun Micro used to make some thin clients that ended up in the same boat (i.e. potentially useful, in practice too much work and too little interest from the community of people who like to play with this stuff). The RPi4 should be able to do that stuff eas
  10. I can't even pretend to know what this is or what the background was. I can barely recall who Reg Livermore was. Reg Livermore - Betty Blokk Buster Follies It appears to be the soundtrack to some kind of stage show, which listening to the album is a mixture of Rocky Horror, Cabaret and some desperately unfunny in-character monologues. I hope it was funnier in person. edit: oh my, a terrible cover of Billy Joel's "Captain Jack" too.
  11. I have this album here somewhere, "The Greeks..." and "The Disco Strangler" are total clangers but the rest of the songs make up for those two.
  12. Soundtrack - Out of Africa I am a sucker for John Barry soundtracks. Can't recall ever seeing the movie though.
  13. 3D won't matter for your purposes. Is the video chipset unrecognised by everything? That sounds very odd. Do you have an exact model number for these things? I have entertained this exact same scenario in the past, although in the end it's much cheaper and easier to buy 2nd hand Chromecasts and drag a laptop around with you if you need an operating system 😄 If you really need something you can fiddle with, the Pi's are so cheap it's not worth investing too much time in orphan headless gear. Old servers on the other hand...
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