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  1. Yep - Marantz SD4000. Actually bought the cassette deck first (2nd hand dealer in Newcastle) then loved the look of it so much chased up an affordable but matching amp. Got another similar vintage amp (Kenwood KR-4010) and while the Kenwood has a better FM tuner, the Marantz SR4000 has just a touch more punch and a really nice phono input to let that Technics 'table sing. Slightly warmer tone too - although it has bass/mid/treble tone controls so a touch more flexible. Great little period rig for vinyl.
  2. Styx - Kilroy Was Here Tried to get a picture of the level meters on the tape deck as well, this thing is *loud*. also: DOMO ORIGATO MR ROBOTO!!!!!!!!!!! edit: ah ha ha I completely forgot the ludicrous story line that accompanies this record. An excerpt: Good luck hurling a spotify stream into a bonfire! Now, if you were slightly unhinged you might argue that Styx producing this record have in fact prevented a dystopian future without Rock'n'Roll and we should thank them. So thanks Styx!
  3. Not quite as beautiful as the gramophone, but a Pioneer SK-550 boombox in my workshop. It actually sounds fine (has line-in as well as an option to hook up a turntable!). Generally plugged into a phone or with the good old FM radio popping out of it.
  4. Sheep May Safely Graze. It's a sheep thing, you wouldn't understand.
  5. I always figured the Changes compilations being a bit, I dunno, redundant when they were released. Most of his other work when this came out was in bargain bins so you could pretty much pick up the discography for peanuts. However, being young and stupid at the time I bought them on cassette 🙂 I'll bet you can guess what happened to those.
  6. You need something like this used for car audio edit: Worth a try at $4.70, haven't heard this one though There are passive ones that don't require any power - I am using the above unit to add a sub woofer out to an older Marantz amp that doesn't have a sub out. Just hook up the speaker wires to the "Speaker B" output or similar. The attentuation circuit doesn't need any power itself it is completely passive. There are others that are similar and don't have the powered part (used to power up an external amp in a car). This one doesn't do low-p
  7. Procrastinating this morning - and doing a bit of listening with some newly repaired tip shop speakers. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (2015 Sony release). It's a kind of go-to speaker audition for me, probably not the best version of this but still mighty good.
  8. I'd like to add just a small caution when comparing CD to vinyl - some of the detail missing from CDs isn't due to a limitation of the format, it's due to the overly compressed mastering that occurred on a lot of 1990-onwards discs. Some of them are almost unlistenable (rock/pop worst affected) - I wouldn't dismiss CD so lightly on the basis of a single piece of music. Having said that, the suggestions about room treatment are worth investigating although for me the best way to tame CDs is speakers more than anything. Then, reach for that good old tone control.
  9. There are some cheap converters available on Ebay although lots of them have some funky limitations. Of the few I have tried some had serious audio conversion issues (lots of hissing noises instead of high frequencies etc). Something like this from Amazon does the trick but isn't nice. The one I was using for a while was a "Neoteck" AV CVBS to HDMI up scaler. Was restricted to 1080p only and I was using it for a Laserdisc player, although I have stopped using it and gone back to using an S-Video cable direct to the TV. Major problem with the Neoteck is that you have no way of a
  10. Anyone used these kits for making speaker grilles or have suggestions for making frames to suit some speaker grille cloth? Looking to cover up the faces of the grandfather's axe Dauphins
  11. IMHO that is plenty of room. You shouldn't need any more than about 20-30mm to not have an audible effect on the sound. If they were flush against the wall...then you might cause problems. Run an experiment maybe, use your hand and crank the bass on something and see how far you can feel the port choofing away away from the cab.
  12. I didn't test them after re-assembly, have switched them in for the morning in place of the repaired Janssons. Bass extension without the reflex tubes isn't terrific at the moment but it's fine for a double bass. Streaming "Somethin' Else" (Cannonball Adderley) - the horrible mud from the blown tweeters has disappeared and now they are surprisingly listenable but that piercing brightness might take some getting used to. Not the greatest recording to test a soundstage (very "stereo" release with solos coming exclusively out one speaker). They have become very "studio monitor" sou
  13. OK - I have to admit I didn't look at the backs of them too carefully, the entire back seemed to be magnet. Without the bass reflex ports installed (they were missing when I got these) I guess I could plug the hole and see if the leakage is significant.
  14. Went to Jaycar instead and ordered some of these: Titanium tweeters Now - the description on the Jaycar site isn't quite correct, they are silk/titanium. I have removed the plastic surround and hacked them into place. Sadly the mounting holes didn't quite line up with the original ones. Impedence and frequency response are probably different to the originals as well so I should probably do something with the crossovers. Now just waiting for some bass reflex ports to arrive from China so I can finish these and start tweaking. The only original things left are the crossover
  15. In theory not too hard - is the port removeable? I.e. is it something like a cardboard tube with a plastic horn that is pushed into the back of the cabinet? If they were speakers I didn't care about I would buy a drill based hole cutting set, match up the size of the hole, cut it out of the front (mask off the veneer with paper masking tape so it doesn't chip). Pull the vent out of the back, put it in the front and glue the plug you cut out of the front into the hole in the rear. Builders adhesive or something that has gap filling properties would be best. Finish with some no more gaps or
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