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  1. my room is in the middle so the svs probably will be better suited. I think the sub is bigger by a couple
  2. looking at get a sub for two channel anyone with experienced with the following options I’m looking at svs 2000 rel t7i they both have great reviews And are the same dollar value I’m not sure which one ?
  3. I stumbled on a mint marantz HD-dac1 for $650 on gumtree and I just had to have a try it was a bargain. The sound I’m getting now is what I was after.Also I have used it as a preamp for my Yamaha AS2000 which works great for jazz but not so much most other music Although my speakers are pretty ordinary as I have recently sold bookshelf M-audios and now have a set of of Boston’s.... they are my back up for the up grading . Now to complete the chain buchardt s400
  4. Thanks frank I have already got a very good price to low to say no.
  5. So a sales man emerges ? well tbh I’m thinking they are amazing and the reason behind that is the trickle down tec... also from what I’ve herd in a few hifi shops is that the budget end hifi is really stepping up ... so many snobs in the hi fi speaker brands that won’t even look what is produced in there own country let alone some products that sell in jb hifi - not literally but the big brother s if there range ! well times are a changing ! Whats your best price ?
  6. Has anyone herd these speakers wd 4.2 ? they are a new range for wharfedale . I am thinking I should take a chance and purchase as there is little or any reviews on them , originally I wanted the Polk lsim 703 but can’t seem to get any under $1800 Au ! What a joke ... 3- $400 USA . The tweeter in this range looks pretty interesting and the 4.4 in this range has rave reviews.
  7. Thanks for all the info ive already started investigating what you have said. Fingers crossed I’ll get something soon . I just can’t believe how many dacs are out there! My head is spinning.
  8. Hi I’m looking for some advice on dacs Ive had two thus far ,one was music fidelity dac1 ,-and the other was peachtree dac itx I didn’t think much of both of them - sure you could hear a difference but nothing that made me think wow . so any advice on a good tube dac that might give me a bit of air in the sound stage and a bit more seperation in instruments? budget is $800 max
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