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  1. So set to 2gms as per the stylus and be done with it
  2. Wow. Can of worms considered open. Ok I'll rough up the lift arm and set to the recommended 2gms. I have no means to test Thanks for all the replies. I did learn I know SFA about turntables.
  3. Mine is so bad and the reason I thought to adjust so the arm stays in the same position when lifted. The only way to cue a track otherwise was manually place the stylus on the start.
  4. The sound sounds balanced from each channel when center front It's sett a little below the 2gms
  5. Good day all, I have now had my TT for 6 months and it has played well since my initial setup issues. Just yesterday I noticed the tone arm would head towards the outside of the TT when lifted. I took this as a sign antiskate was too high being set at the recommended 2gms. So I adjusted to the point the arm no longer moved in or out. ie balanced. Am I right in assuming this is how it should be set. To remove unequal forces on either wall of a groove? Queen is playing now and sounds great. Thanks for your thoughts Peter
  6. 25amps for 1mm? From what I understand 25A per mm of stainless 30A per mm of mild steel?
  7. I wish it had some more features. or I should have gone next level
  8. Thanks Your welding stick and MIG. I've not tried stick yet and MIG only a little. I've been concentrating on TIG for now
  9. They get good reviews and I've had no trouble with them. So far
  10. Wish I knew about these before buying the Edifiers
  11. I bought these for my small room Although they are made in China
  12. Care to share your settings. I'm still learning
  13. Maybe a quick hit with a lighter will stop fraying?
  14. I made one of these today. Nice and heavy and the surface certainly stops any chance of slippage.
  15. I bought a CIG Weldskil 185. It's a 10AMP plug. You need to buy the TIG torch seperate. Most other machines are 15AMP. But in hindsight I should have bought just a TIG/ARC machine or dedicated TIG. This would require a 15AMP outlet to be installed.
  16. Finished stands On to a second pair
  17. Thanks mate. Yeah these are measured to sit at head height.. Fun skill to learn.
  18. I always wanted to learn to weld so I bought a multiprocess welder and have been having fun. I thought I'd start with a pair of surround speaker stands. The cable will be run inside the tube and powder coated.
  19. If it was an engine I'd say piston slap. As a joke
  20. Tis the season for cue arm damping issues it would seem
  21. Hi Gary, It's all good now. the fluid worked fine. The mechanism is basic as it gets. It's a brass rod that slide into a brass tube. I put fluid around the rod and that provides the friction to dampen the movement. Is the bottom of the brass tube open or closed? If open over time the fluid will drain out over time. Just cheap design.
  22. Big huge thanks to Grumpy for providing some fluid. Job done. Tone arm drops nice and slow. Looks like the design allows the fluid to just drop out over time?
  23. Can machine oil be used? Or a silicone oil from Bunnings. After all isn't dampening fluid just thin oil?
  24. Thanks guys. What a speedy response.
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