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  1. I'm wanting a few AC/DC. But the place I was going to go for the new album has just had a Covid case.
  2. Just bought brand new album from JB HiFi. it's shaped like a soup bowl
  3. This goes back to a thread last week. Buying new vinyl Why did I bother? Answer to save a few bucks I was after Back in Black and the best 2nd hand was $100. So I went to JB Hifi and bought new for 1/2 the price. This vinyl looks like a soup bowl. Dished and not the only new vinyl I've bought like this. New manufactures need to pick up their game on quality assurance. I'll be going back to 2nd hand in future
  4. I paid $100 for new Pink Floyd "The Wall" My wife who had never had records before used the record as a sun shade in the back of the car on a long drive home from where I purchased it. After excitedly removing the plastic I was dismayed to find both records warped. So I called the store to ask for a refund when my wife piped up admitting what she did in the back. The records are still playable but it's like watching a boat on the ocean. So I don't play it much. Now that's annoying Oh and I prefer buying 2nd hand because new records today are not the same quality we used to get.
  5. No it's a pretty simple fix. Just a couple of screws on top from memory to remove the damper arm.
  6. No what ever I read I can not find now. I may have been confused by the name of the founder of Audio Technica, Hideo Matsushita as the company behind Panasonic who own Technics
  7. You need to add new liquid to the reservoir. I did and have not had an issue since
  8. I asked for discount when buying mine and got $100 off at the desk
  9. I did some research prior to buying and this came up trumps. It's basically a Technics under a new banner but still technics under the hood
  10. I wont be attempting it till the warranty is over. But they should be accessible
  11. Just curious whether anyone has bothered replacing LEDS in stalled in their TT to match LEDs in other kit. i.e. my TT has red LEDS but the Amp has blue. I am thinking of changing the red for blue.
  12. I doubt many here rate Edifier much at all yet they get good reviews on the net. I bought a pair for that reason to put on my computer. $150 or a $1000? What's better value for money? Yes I'd prefer Australian made. But it's not always economical. I played my AT-LP 120XUSB through them for a few days and found them to be pretty good. But then I'm not an audiophile
  13. You don't need an amp with those speakers they have one built in. Until you want more power then you will want an amp and bigger speakers
  14. So set to 2gms as per the stylus and be done with it
  15. Wow. Can of worms considered open. Ok I'll rough up the lift arm and set to the recommended 2gms. I have no means to test Thanks for all the replies. I did learn I know SFA about turntables.
  16. Mine is so bad and the reason I thought to adjust so the arm stays in the same position when lifted. The only way to cue a track otherwise was manually place the stylus on the start.
  17. The sound sounds balanced from each channel when center front It's sett a little below the 2gms
  18. Good day all, I have now had my TT for 6 months and it has played well since my initial setup issues. Just yesterday I noticed the tone arm would head towards the outside of the TT when lifted. I took this as a sign antiskate was too high being set at the recommended 2gms. So I adjusted to the point the arm no longer moved in or out. ie balanced. Am I right in assuming this is how it should be set. To remove unequal forces on either wall of a groove? Queen is playing now and sounds great. Thanks for your thoughts Peter
  19. 25amps for 1mm? From what I understand 25A per mm of stainless 30A per mm of mild steel?
  20. I wish it had some more features. or I should have gone next level
  21. Thanks Your welding stick and MIG. I've not tried stick yet and MIG only a little. I've been concentrating on TIG for now
  22. They get good reviews and I've had no trouble with them. So far
  23. I bought these for my small room Although they are made in China
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