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  1. I'm struggling lately to find anything worth watching on Netflix except a few comedians that have not given over to the woke side. Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Carr. As unPC as it can get. So I have finally cancelled my subscription.
  2. this was more a question of can I do it. These Edifiers will end up in my computer room. I may look at the passive speakers to connect up later.
  3. Welcome to the show. Another Adelaide presence.
  4. I already have a Pioneer SC-LX76 for home theater. This receiver has the outputs for connecting additional amplifiers. So i was thinking the powered Edifier is basically amplifier inside the speaker so why could i not connect these speakers to the "surround channel amplifier"? As standalone powered speakers connected to my TT I am pretty happy with the sound.
  5. Thanks. Since Christmas I have bought 20 LPs. mostly 2nd hand.
  6. Fleetwood Mac Rumors for me ATM. I have been on a collection rampage to build a collection since buying my first TT at Christmas.
  7. Obviously young'ns in the house. If not for a 10mnth old at 54 I'd not know who the phuk jimmy giggle was.
  8. Who's JL. Never has Picard ever been called JL. No one would ever show such disrespect. Swearing! Never before in the history of ST have I heard any before and I don't mind the use of swearing. In Star Trek this was like dropping the C bomb
  9. I swear more than I should but there has been no swearing on ST ever. why now?
  10. Not worthy here I guess.
  11. Just bought a pair of these after doing some research. I found they reviewed well and came in the top 10 of one review against speaker 10x their price. Anyone else have a set? I was thinking to add them to my 7.1 as surround speakers?
  12. With the resurgence of vinyl what are the chances of 8 track making a return?
  13. Mix of both. I have the odd issue with PLEX but mostly it works fine. For a free app. I'll stick to it
  14. Good to know I'm in good company. Certainly not the setup you have but it works.
  15. I stream from my PC to my TV using PLEX. i find it to be very good for a free app.
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