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  1. Very well done. The most important part of your home, is you are happy. Some people think bigger will make them happy, but this can also lead to greater financial pressure. And as a result do not enjoy life, the music and other interests they once loved.
  2. I am very new to HiFi (some months), so could other more experienced members of our community comment on the following. Is is possible some people with the aim of HiFi. And who have built up a system, that is capable of very high detail of a source. Have crossed over a personal threshold, where their system is to bright. I have read where people love the detail of their HiFi, but can only listen to the system for a limited time. The music feels like a drill is trying to bore a hole in their head. If the lack of pleasure for music, occurred after a particular component was added. And while a greater detail of the music was obtained, you seem not to want to listen to the HiFi. Consider, is your system to bright, or some other consideration others of the forum may be familiar with? In addition, as we get older our taste buds change, does our hearing change over time in regard to Warm/neutral/bright the older we get as a general rule? Sorry for the questions and not answers.
  3. As many others have suggested see a GP if you suspect you are depressed. Another key symptom of depression is: have you lost interest in only HiFi, or in other interests and in life in general. You state you are generally happy. So maybe not depression? There maybe another cause such as hearing loss in a particular part of the frequency range, or you may have some other treatable condition which can be diagnosed if you see a GP. An initial assessment which would probably be followed up with blood tests is a simple start. If someone has not seen a GP for sum time, a general check up, is something all should do and not just your self. Good luck, and hopefully happy listening in the future.
  4. Thank you for your comment, as this clarifies one method, of how a power conditioner can improve sound in a system.
  5. Thank you Snoogy8 for the elaboration (directly above post)of your reason to not use a power condition. In the end the journey is about Trade Off's, i guess ( do not wish to put words into your mouth), ie. Advantages vs Disadvantages. Each person has their own vision of Nirvana.
  6. Thank you for your comment Snoopy8, about the draw back of your experienced with a power conditioner. I had not heard about this before. I had only heard positives about power conditioners. I had considered a power conditioner myself. But now I am not so sure, if this is the best way to spend that kind of money. After all even a budget power conditioner and then the cables for each piece of equipment results in quite a few $$. Happy listening.
  7. I agree with the posts above, regard cost / life span, but there is another dynamic at play. A retailer said to me, the Chinese manufactures have learnt how to design a product, that will fail just after the warranty period. 20 years ago they were happy to sell each person in the world one Product ie.(Toaster) each. Now they want to sell one Product to each person every year. The short life span of products, is an intentional purposely engineered strategy, to sell more product. Of course many countries in the world have done this sort of thing in the past. The EU's policy is a great start. The Europeans are extremely, emissions concerned and the effect this may have (This was the case more than 20 years ago when I was in Europe). And instead of talking about the issue at the U.N. They have the attitude that they must act now, and understand it will cost them more Euro. This issue is not just electrical: I have an old smart phone, but can not use the data aspect because the O/S is outdated. This sort of issue was raised in another thread, to do with wireless speakers. Manufactures have updates that cause our products to fail in an aspect of their function. Let us hope more countries Legislates along the same lines as the EU. Because now, there will be Products available for us to buy. This will result in competition. After all, many parts a generic from a supplier. Each manufacture does not construct all aspects of a product. In an amplifier as an example, they may use a well regarded DAC, from another company. The solution is complicated; Companies want to sell us more, but we also want what they make. You could make a fortune if you could come up with a cure for the upgraditis virus.
  8. Fyshwick. Google for where they are, something like "Canberra Auction". This event occurred more than 10 years ago, so who knows if they still exist.
  9. If it sounds great listen to what ever you pass through it, and enjoy the audio experience you have. Just because know one knows what it is yet, does not detract from the positive audio enjoyment you get. HiFi is about the audio pleasure you get from what you have. The back panel says a lot, seem to be made in Japan Denon / Nippon. Quality, Nippon were synonymous with quality Japanese products.
  10. As far as if a Auction House sells HiFi, depends on what floats in before the sale, pot luck I guess. Though in my one time experience they only had a 30's style AM mono reciever that they were desperate to sell (no demonstration available), ie. I conclude it did not work.
  11. Actually I have just had another thought for the audition of HiFi in Canberra. This falls in the lower end of HiFi, as some call it Mid Fi. There are Vinyl shops in Canberra Landspeed (also CD's (Civic) and Dynamite Records (Kambar), there is another one in Inner South, not sure if this applies. But the first two sell Entry Level Turntables, Amps and Speakers. Not sure what Format Landspeed plays, as they also sell CD's, But Dynamite Records who only sells Second Hand Records Plays Vinyl all day long on the in store system, which you can purchase new. If that is your entry point check them both out, but for the same money, you could do better here in the Classifieds Section. Still worth a listen in both shops to give you a base line in music quality. Both shops are very laid back and non hassle attitude. Good Luck
  12. gwurb, As I am from Canberra also, the two Stores mentioned, are the only ones I know of who sell new HiFi equipment. They also Buy / Sell Trade In equipment, not sure how that works as I have never sold HiFi to them. I would like to hear if there are other options. Do you mean Auctioned or Auditioned? As far as auctioned equipment, there are Auction House/s in Fyshwick (Industrial Zone, for those not familiar with Canberra Zone Rules, ie. Non Residential Area). Other than that to sell, the usual ebay and Gumtree.
  13. As others state, go to an audio shop and listen to equipment and attempt to find out, the sound you prefer. Eg. Warm, Neutral or Bright. Only from there can you make a decision to suit. But never forget the significant other in your life. From your personal preference, you then decide to go new or more bang for you buck (second hand) but most likely unheard. Take your time, as you already have something to listen to. And remember opinions are dictated by the different ears of those who make the statement. Spend your money on what you like, and not on what someone else likes.
  14. Welcome, I am also from Canberra. There is a lot of experience in this Forum. I myself a recent member, have learnt a lot from the Forums. Do look at the Forum section, and not just the Classifieds. Read, write a response (contribute), and let the information flow. We all benefit from the dialogue. Enjoy the journey and not just the destination (as others have eloquently stated).
  15. Yes, you could be O.K. But, if any issues consider 2 + 2 has one possible draw back. Whenever a connection of two cables (circuits) occurs. There is a reduction in transmission of data. This also occurs over long signal paths. This is one of the reasons, the classic NAD 3020 and those who use it's construction method, are such good Audio products. If I am correct, and correct me if I am wrong, the RCA connectors at the back were soldered directly onto the PCB. No connection wire. Less signal paths results in better audio quality. This is to some extent what the high end of HiFi follows, along with other best design and practices. And why high end products cost what they do, and deliver the results they do. Quality cost Time of those with experience: and so........ Money. Happy listening, even with my Mid Fi system.
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