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  1. Bill continues to "value add" to our wonderful audio hobby. It would seem he makes modest returns on a significant personal investment of time, expertise and quality materials. I would encourage members to support him. All power to you Bill!
  2. Welcome David. This can indeed be a slippery slope! There are no shortage of amazing audio bargains to be had at times. I'm sure many of us can identify with sneaking newly acquired vinyl into the record shelves beyond spousal scrutiny. I continue to be personally very thankful that a $10 valve looks much the same as a $300 dollar one.
  3. Vandersteen' s currently for sale in SNA classifieds are the best speakers you're ever going to get for slightly over $1000 (IMHO)
  4. That is a seriously beautiful looking piece of tubular art Dave! Is its sound signature markedly different to your Audio Note ( or any other pre's you might care to remember ?🙂) Cheers, Leon
  5. Little Feat - Feats Don't Fail Me Now. Practical HiFi - Nimbus Records Supercut.
  6. Great analysis. You have certainly convinced me!
  7. Jeff Beck - Wired I'd forgotten how good this album is!
  8. I am in Adelaide and have a Parasound Halo A23. I think it is about 12yo, having had several SNA owners. It is in 9.5/10 condition and functions perfectly. It easily surpasses 100wpc and has triggering. It sounds superb. You are welcome to purchase for $700, but will need to to pay freight. That could be anything up to $100. Leon
  9. Welcome Michael. This is a great community of like-minded people. There is no shortage of enthusiasm, sage advice and frequently, superlative bargains. Your cred will already be established with many a member here. Blow by Blow is a PRIMO album! Incidentally, there are several vinyl currently playing threads which would welcome your immediate input. Best wishes for your audio journey.
  10. Welcome Frank. You have an impressive collection of gear. Thanks for sharing your photos. Looking forward to your contributions to SNA forums.
  11. Welcome Jasper. My current headphone setup is not so dissimilar to yours. I have Senn HD6xx, fed by a Matrix m-Stage HPA-1 with a top flight Burson V6 op amp on board. Listening is very pleasant. This is a great place for good advice, friendly people and sometimes unbelievable bargains.
  12. Hi Michael. Welcome to SNA. Bruno is your magician in Adelaide. If he can't fix it, I bet he would know who can. I remember lusting after that model in The Soundcraftsmen in Hawthorn back in the early 80's. brunzk@bigpond.com
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