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  1. The Edgar Winter Group With Rick Derringer
  2. I enjoy this one but Mink's music is somewhat polarising. He's an acquired taste (one that took me quite a while !?!) I find that the gap between his best and worst efforts is gargantuan. 😱
  3. What is in action here is typical of the great things that happen regularly on SNA. I have been sporadically involved in a number of forum-based sites over the years and none of them stack up against the ready knowledge and routine generosity of this community.
  4. John Abercrombie - Timeless with Jan Hammer & Jack De Johnette
  5. Yep. I agree. A great track. However Ry visits this same song on the Long Riders Soundtrack and comes up with an even better arrangement. IMO😎
  6. Haven't played this in years. Wonderful album. Bothy Band - After hours.
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