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  1. Graham Dodsworth Summer Madness. A GREAT album - unexpectedly acquired in a job lot.
  2. This is hi-end stuff you're producing here Dave. It's a real credit to you because you've got to be across such a huge number of different things. Your dissatisfaction with some aspects of the feet, are something 100% of the rest of us will never pick up. I confidently expect this creature will produce some exceptional music when it's ready to spin.
  3. These are beautiful amps. I never miss an opportunity to promote their virtues. Beautiful detail and effortless power sums it up. GLWTS
  4. @xlr8or Oh Great One. The rubber bands have been banished forever and I am now worshipping at the altar of the thermionic dark side. 2 separately acquired OS Hytron 12BH7's have been enlisted to join the Raytheon 5751 windmill-getters in the Ming da MC-7R. It is too early to be definitive about the possible changes in musical texture as the new inmates need some time to settle in.
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