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  1. OK this is an easy one to judge. In order of preference: 1 - Original USA pressing. Open, clear and lots of punch 2 - Original Australian pressing. Open and clear, but missing the punch and slightly thinner 3- MoFi. So thin. Lost its life. Number 1 won by quite a fair margin. If you can find one, a 1978 USA pressing is the one to have, unless you hate bass (if so get the Aussie pressing).
  2. @candyflip We found it! Billy Joel - 52nd Street. Original 1978 USA Terra Haute pressing. I'll put the MoFi and original Aussie pressings on to compare. My initial reaction is the USA pressing has more definitive bass. Stay tuned.........
  3. Tame Impala - Innerspeaker A harder edge to Currents. I prefer Currents
  4. All, Tried searching but couldn't find anything like this - but a link if you know if one would be great. I tend to enjoy classical music. Seen MSO play many times and be moved emotionally, but when it comes to knowing the albums to buy on LP I have no idea whatsoever! There are 'cliche' records across different genres such as Steely Dan's Aja, or Norah Jones' Come Away with Me, Daft Punk's Random Access Memories which combine good music and amazing pressings (if you get the right ones in some cases). What are these in the classical space? Pre
  5. Steely Dan - Can't buy a Thrill Aussie pressing. In love lots more with Aja, but still a good album.
  6. You're right - sorry! It's one of each only.
  7. I can also confirm the PS Audio Phono Stellar meets your criteria (edit: no it doesn't - sorry it's only 1 MC and one MM). There are some preset loading settings, but there is a wheel adjustment (but at the rear) fr custom loading from 0 to 1000 ohms. You may be able to get one second hand in that budget range. I'm very pleased with mine. Plenty of online reviews - including one from a reviewer which I highly resect - Michael Fremer. Only drawback I can pick is that it is very sensitive to interference such as RF - purely by the way it is designed.
  8. Top of the morning to my fellow SNAers Azymuth - Jazz is Dead 4. 2 * 45 LP. Love this Funk-Jazz group. The way this is recorded sounds very raw in a good way. Even on the black vinyl edition, there is some minimal surface noise, but still a good pressing nevertheless.
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    Wow I never thought of it that way! Thanks for sharing your perspective.
  10. qik_shift


    @betty boop reminds me of my MkV Golf GTI which was a nice car. Apparently the size of these is equivalent of a MkIV Golf - amazing how cars just keep getting bigger.
  11. Over to a 12" taking me back to the 80s club scene. S.O.S. Band - No Lies
  12. Onto Prince - Piano & A Microphone 1983 Remastered deluxe version. I struck it lucky with this one compared to some others who have complained of quality issues. Apart from tape hiss (expected) It's a clean, very quiet pressing.
  13. Going to Whitney Houston now . My sister played this on cassette tape so much the tape wore out!
  14. Jamie XX - In Colour Remastered tracks presented very well
  15. All, My Behmor 1600+ keep throwing an err6 code. I could invest more money on it but just replaced the fans and afterburner - where does it stop. It's been a great machine but it's time to move on. Suggestions? - I'm currently roasting about 400g a week - Something I can roast under a range hood without too much smoke would be great - The easier to roast the better. Needing to attend the Behmor throughout the roast was a novelty at first but got annoying when I had to do it every week for years - I don't have a shed to put the roaster in so so
  16. @Old Man Rubber the pic of Q.TIPS reminds so much of this one. This is one of the great MoFi pressings. Great presentation. Funny I would not bought this album had somebody else not played it on their reference system - I was so impressed I got a myself a copy. the B-52's
  17. Would love to hear your feedback thanks. I can then keep a lookout for a Japanese pressing as I do like the album.
  18. And last one for the night. Daryl Hall John Oates - Private Eyes. MoFi. Disappointing. Sounds thin and just not right.
  19. Hey @Bluenote122 It's a Kiseki Purple Heart
  20. Simply Red - Picture Book. Aussie Pressing. Hard coming off the back of The Nightfly Still sounds very respectable.
  21. And Playing now after seeing it recently posted here. Donald Fagen - The Nightfly on MoFi Ultradisc. Yes it's THAT good.
  22. Earlier today. Massive Attack - Blue Lines Love this album.
  23. @audiofeline Good challenge on how independence (or lack of) can be publicised. I think if it was made law then it would be a requirement for the disclosure to be clearly made to the audience. For example on theage..com.au there is a section call 'from our partners' and if the article is sponsored in any way it's clearly marked right on the front page. Things like this has to help. All we can do in the meantime is do a lot more of what Marc has done - continue to call it out and publicise it on forums, perhaps somehow influence google search results so the callouts reach consumer
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