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  1. This is good advice. There's something mesmerising about this album. The quiet parts speak louder than the loud parts of the song.
  2. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon. Very early Japanese Pressing
  3. Will keep on the lookout. Thanks . I always wonder if I should put up new posts on which pressing of an album to buy before spending $100+ but that would get a bit tiresome I suppose.
  4. Doc Powell - The Doctor Label: Signoricci Vinyl Stunning SQ - full analogue chain audiophile pressing of Doc Powell - an extremely talented jazz guitarist. Recorded in Italy and pressed in Japan from what I can see. I am thoroughly enjoying this.
  5. Average White Band- Soul Searching Great funk band.
  6. OK - I'll do just that Thanks. Been looking for this for a little while. PM coming your way @scribble
  7. There's not doubt the sound of the Audi is intoxicatingly brilliant - It's a key reason why I bought the car. Quality of interior materials and the virtual cockpit are also far superior to the BMW IMO. It's the one i'm more likely to modify as there is grip to cope with the additional power more easily. The M140 exceeds in engine silkiness, beautiful low down torque, steering, seating position, the ability to park it wherever I want without worrying about getting unwanted attention. Oh and that transmission is great too. There is a certain level of understatement about the car
  8. Great as ever thanks for asking! It's my daily and now driving her to work much more frequently. No matter how tired I am, I look forward to spending time in the beast. Actually I prefer it to the RS3 in quite a few ways which is amazing considering the price difference Compared to the RS3, it just needs a little more noise and character to shine through.
  9. Sorry I'm late to this party but congrats! I'm still very much loving mine. All this talk about BootMod3 has me tempted.........time to do some Googling
  10. OK a bit quirky but I like a few tunes from the 80s space synth era. Koto - Dragon's Legend. German pressing. Some old school gamers may understand me when I say Dragon's Lair inspired this song. Oh and album art captures the era perfectly
  11. I get this most of the time from Woolworths supermarkets for the Aussies out there https://distilledwater.net.au Seemed to be OK from what I could see.
  12. I thought about it and agree with Ryan the economics don't work out. I buy a couple of litres for $1.80 and when you take the cost of the machine, electricity and machine maintenance I thought......nope.
  13. Jermaine Stewart - Frantic Romantic
  14. Beat Street Soundtrack - Volume 1 USA pressing Breakers Revenge, classic!
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