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  1. My advice to the OP is to just give it a go. Purchase a TT either new or second hand that's already completely configured/set for so you need not be concerned about things such as alignment, VTA, VTF, SRA etc. To be honest this is where there is some debate and for a starter it gets overwhelming very quickly. There's simply no need to understand these things to reap the joys of listening to vinyl on a preconfigured TT! For simplicity please choose a Moving Magnet cartridge, so you don't have to think about cartridge loading (your phono stage may not even be able to handle the a
  2. Another newbie in colour. Arcade Fire - Everything Now. Definitely a strong disco vibe to this album. Good SQ.
  3. Sasha - Airdrawndagger. Finally arrived. Pretty good SQ too (apart from a couple of minor pops) - a welcome bonus. Thanks again @candyflip for making me aware of this one on vinyl.
  4. Finally got around to swapping the phono stage and Power Plant. Looks much much better Everything as of now............
  5. Well the plan was that I would have at least 50 hours on my Kiseki Purple Heart before I comment. I would say I’ve reached around 45 hours - I’m still noticing an improvement by the week, but I really don’t want to hold off any longer. Close enough is good enough I say You see, I was running the Kiseki on my Rega P6 for most of its life. My plan was to buy a new turntable in the new year, but then my flight refund hit my bank account after almost 6 months - a welcome boost. Let’s go shopping! In all honesty - my shopping expedition needn’t last all too long. I was
  6. Slowly coming out of hiding and listening to a lot of my existing collection with the new TT. Starting to listen to new vinyl again. Pet Shop Boys - Release Actually great SQ and good quality pressing. Plus a change of accessory scenery too
  7. First time spinning the new Faithless - All Blessed album. It's a great album with good SQ, but I'm hearing a right channel crackle on both side A and B which comes across as defective - seems I'm not alone too. People are saying they can hear it in the quiet bits but I can hear it through many tracks too. I'll be asking for another copy.
  8. Starting with some Jazz today. Introducing Johnny Griffin.
  9. Wow that's a pretty scathing review. I must admit I had a Mk5 Golf GTI and that felt that all GTIs after that I drove (mk6, 7 and 7.5) had a similar feel to the way they drove - but that's not a bad thing. Really does depend what you want in your car - I assume some journos want something more revolutionary otherwise it could be seen as boring.
  10. Azimuth - Azimuth. Brazilian 2014 repress and remaster. This one is hard to push into a specific genre. Brazilian Psychedelic funk/jazz/lounge? Either way a very enjoyable album - and exceptionally good SQ.
  11. For any Steely Dan fans - this is one you should seriously consider. Donald Fagan - Nightfly Makes we want to splurge on the MoFi version, but this original US pressing sounds excellent. Thanks @candyflip
  12. Still enjoying some new purchases. Johnny Hammond - Gears. A must have for funk lovers.
  13. That was probably me - hope you find it to be a good listen
  14. Happy new year all! Grant Green - Grant's first stand
  15. New turntable is here (LP 12 Klimax/Radikal). I feel like an excited little boy again. This is a big step up from the P6. Now playing some familiar tracks. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours. Now just need some cranberry juice and a skateboard
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