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  1. Mr_B


    The main use for something like this would be listening to headphones for tv. Currently using Focal Elears with an audio lab q-dac and Shiit Asgard 2, but will soon receive a Shiit jotenheim. Will see if the different amp makes a difference (maybe not), and make up a balanced cable to see if that makes a difference. I think I could get better dynamics with a change, but it might, or might not be significant. Last thing is to try a different dac, which may or may not make a difference. Ill probably end up putting the q-dac on the pc, so this is both for interest, tv and pc improvement. Might also put something better on the living room tv, so the q-dac could also end up there feeding amp/speakers. It’s all for interest and fun really, looking to test a couple of things for potential sound improvement and learning. I can’t really audition different gear, so it’s all about reading and trying to make hopefully informed decisions. Don’t mind tweaking settings, so the eq aspect piqued my interest, as well as the good reputation of the adi-2. edit: Amp feature might be extraneous with one of these, depending on how it sounds. There are also other options, but the eq is the interesting bit. Anyway, enough TC from me 🙂
  2. Mr_B


    Great responses, thanks. It would be very interesting to try, have a eye out for a balanced dac to try the balanced aspect, and eq seems like the icing on the cake. The ADI-2 seems like a great option, will see if one comes up within budget. Not using a pc for this system, so those options are unfortunately out (but of course interesting). Ive browsed the eq settings docs, great how flexible this dac is in fitting the curve for various output options. I could cheerfully spent time exploring that further 🙂
  3. Mr_B


    As this has turned to somewhat of a discussion, I’m curious as to the value of eq in these Dacs. Is it a significant benefit to tuning the sound to your preference? Does it help with getting ‘nice sound’ across the volume range (I.e good impact at lower headphone volumes)?
  4. Good stuff, that was very tempting
  5. Thanks John, have your details so you can edit them from your posts. Well done with finding your pm’s 🙂 Squared timing issue away with bengineer, all good and champion fella he is
  6. I’m pretty tempted. Let me know if @Bengineer doesn’t take it?
  7. Thanks Stede, appreciate your thoughts. The Questyle looks to be a good option. I'll continue to contemplate that and also keep an eye on the classifieds for random opportunities. Ive managed to temper my thoughts on upgrade, so will see where I land. Its very easy to get a little carried away
  8. Very nice, bet they were great
  9. Thanks Irek, appreciate your thoughts. I understand that there is a point of diminishing returns, but do not have a good sense of where that sits - you confirm I may be somewhere around this. I also understand that personal preference is also a factor, such as warm, neutral Etc etc, and I think my preference is for warm, though I think all gear mentioned is solid state rather than tube (which might be warmer as a generalisation, not sure). Will give this more thought. I have a feeling that I could be missing some ‘oomph’ and fullness at quieter volumes, but this may simply be normal. Very useful, and thanks again. Great tip on potential demo and returns. I may have read too much about upgrading and chasing the dragon 😂
  10. Made a couple of corrections above. Appreciate any advice, and please let me know if I’m asking the wrong questions.
  11. Hey all Appreciate any thoughts about potential upgrade I'm trying to nut through. I currently have a Q-DAC and Asgard 2 amplifier that I use to watch Netflix etc, using Focal Elear headphones which I recently upgraded from HD6xx's. It sounds pretty good, and I think the fairly recent addition of the Asgard 2 made a nice improvement. However, I also game on PC, and I use a Strix Soar sound card and HyperX headphones. There have been a couple of DACs advertised that have got me thinking about some improvements. Specifically, a NAD M51 and Questyle cma600i, both of which should be higher quality/sound and have balanced outputs which I have not yet tried (and I have nowhere to audition). The NAD would need a new amp to use a balanced headphone cable but the Questyle has balanced outputs for headphones and is an amp as well. I'm wondering if it is worth replacing the TV setup with something like these units, and moving the Q-DAC and amp to the PC. I've read a bunch of info, but its hard to work this out given I cant audition for comparison. A couple of questions: Assuming a budget of about 1K, do you think upgrading the TV setup would give noticeable gains? Would be either opportunistic second hand sales, or something like a Questyle Cma 400 could possibly be stretched to. Do you think moving the current setup to the PC would be worth doing? The HD6xx's could be used as an option. I might give this a crack to see, but the above question is a significant factor also. Do you think balanced outputs are a worthwhile improvement? Cheers
  12. I’ll go backup to above, pending a little frantic research. Will pm.
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