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  1. It’s not uncommon for things to go ‘wrong’ in a cook, and always interesting to hear the experience. Post away!
  2. Looks great. And I decided to make pumpkin soup tonight. Sigh....
  3. Yummo 👏 Must be very satisfying that the controller worked well too
  4. Awesome mate thanks for all the info 👍🙂
  5. Lovely, thanks for info and pics, nice job. Mind me asking what fan you used, and whether it came with the housing? Time for me to make one up so I don’t have to sit and watch the temp 😂
  6. It’s a fuzzy logic controller to keep temp to a set value. So basically in this application, would blow the fan harder when far below the set temp, and blow softly or not at all if close/at/above set temp. Great devices. Technically they are a proportional integral derivative controller - the maths achieves the above.
  7. Nice! Pid for the barbie is on my list. Got any info on what you used and where from? Edit: Inkbird pid is self explanatory, more interested in fan/relay/wiring etc. Relay might not be required- I’m more familiar with that for brewing setup.
  8. I’ve made halloumi a few times, the general process is quite easy and fun. Tasty too. Havent made mozzarella but think it’s another pretty simple one. Have a crack if you haven’t already
  9. Item: As per title Price Range: Reasonable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: As above. Something to match some 11.2 fronts. Preferably black in colour so the wifey doesn’t notice. Thanks for reading! Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  10. And something a little different- paella on the charcoal barbie. Mmmmmmmm Hmmm - might have to fix the orientation later - wifey keeps talking to me.,.. Sorry about the pics, I’ve tried to fix but no joy. Reported myself, mods might be able to help. Poor upside down paella...
  11. I love a bit of bbq. Here’s a nice pulled pork - delicious
  12. Most likely yes, though could have also been due to the cable run which I changed with the introduction of the DAC. Obvious point is that if you have noise, changing the way you source or run audio can potentially clean it up. Likewise for ground loop issues etc.
  13. I had a very annoying background hiss when I had a pair of Fostex active speakers plugged in to a decent PC soundcard (3.5mm on the card to RCA on the speakers). Added a DAC that runs from the PC USB to the DAC and RCA's from DAC to speakers and ALL FIXED! So it can depend I think....
  14. Heres a bit of light reading you might find useful: https://forums.overclockers.com.au/threads/build-log-bye-bye-nbn-hello-4g.1258801/
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