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  1. Recently I rang Clay to get a new DAC. My old Music Fidelity M1 DAC failed. He told me we was working on a much upgraded Klein DAC that because it was so improved it could be marketed as a new model, but he had to build a prototype first to see if it was everything he was expecting, He said I could have it.... The Prototype is built into a Klein 111 case, but it truly is a lovely thing! In comparison, in my memory, the M1 felt harsh and not very clear... Lovely separation, not harsh in the top end, really happy with it. i would imagine Clay’s top of the line unit is still much better, and in the 7 day trail, I was tempted to swap for the Top line model, but this one is very nice for the money. Worth looking out for the new model which I believe has more features than my DAC.
  2. Thanks Mungbean, Definitely the need to listen is very important! Clay is only about 30-40 km away.... a listen preferably on my system should solve that. The Melco manual suggests that only certain DACs work with it...... so I need to resolve that before I purchase as well. The Parasound DAC is new, however the design was last revised around 2015.
  3. Thanks Gentlemens! Ive never played with Amazon... so I will have to do some research! I will have a squis at Clay’s stuff.. thanks. Someone suggested the Parasound Zdac V2.... I understand its not the latest, but apparently it is Musical and well made?... any opinions? ML panels don’t sweeten the music much, so I don’t need a DAC that is too sharp...
  4. Thanks Wasabijim... nice to see another Brisbane Mtber on the forum!!
  5. After coming back from holidays, my system wouldn’t play and I tracked it down to the M1’s DAC going through start up mode then switching itself off! looks like time for a New DAC. I believe things have moved on a bit!! Sooo, if anyone has any suggestions...... It has to be USB in, XLR out( to match my cables), and probably under $1500. I use a Melco N1 as a source, so it has to work with that too! Macintosh MA 660 amp and Martin Logan Ethos speakers. I figure it should be easy to get better performance than the M1’s from a modern DAC. I might look at 2nd hand if I can pick up from Brisbane...... and it’s not too Old. if you would like to make any suggestions, that would be appreciated. Thanks John D
  6. After following too many Sports/ hobbies/ interests it’s nice to be doing a little hifi again!!
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