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  1. No pressure, but I’ve just been talking to the purchasing manager who tells me that at the moment we can’t get anymore Kapur plywood because the mill has run out of its LEGITIMATELY sourced logs. There is about 30 sheets left of 18mm, about 90 sheets of 15mm and around 400 sheets of 12mm. Shame because it’s a popular product....
  2. Thanks Peter!! Strangley, we also sell both the Austral ( Made in Brisbane Aust) and the Auraco ( We import Auraco) ply that you mentioned!... Auraco has quality faces, but being a softwood can twist a little in the thinner sizes.. although I find the 25mm to be quite stable. When we import plywood, the mill is very important. Many mills in China have quality control issues.... usually to do with the quality of their glue, which can lead to sheets delaminating.... We import less than 5% of our products from China, only dealing with mills that have a proven track
  3. Good morning gents! yes sadly Bunnings does sell rubbish... I hear it from customers all the time,!! It’s like many industries... the smaller specialist shops carry good stuff and the large chain stores have endless cheap gear that they can get a high mark up from! if you are interested in getting your plywood Cnc machined into shape , Andrew would be the best person to talk to. 07 38751826 International Panels Australia, Loganholme, Qld
  4. Thanks Aperalim! The plywood game has its challenges! We also sell Marine Hoop pine, made in Brisbane, surprisingly! Hoop pine has a density around 560 kg per cubic metre compared to Kapur at around 830! Also while the Hoop is a beautiful product it is around twice the price! Sadly over the years, because we live in a price driven world, even the Bris made Hoop isn’t as good as it was 20 years ago..... Hoop is a soft wood, whereas Kapur is a hard wood, which have quite different molecular structure, so we must expect the lay up to look differently.
  5. Andrew at our work draws up a lot of Cnc drawings for our Machines.... Also as we import our own plywood we are very competitive! sorry I know that’s not the answer that you were looking for!!
  6. Shipping prices will vary tremendously.... a small pair of bookshelves flat packed going to a Capital city could be quite reasonable! our sister company turns plywood off cuts into Bird Boxes and ships them all over Australia.. A large pair of Floorstanders would have to go on a pallet and of course would cost more.....
  7. Yes we have 2 Cnc machines. And a large beam saw.
  8. Yes, personally I think it would talk staining very well... usually we find a product that would make a reasonable speaker cabinet, but it needs a lot of finishing... veneering or similar.....
  9. If you understand Plywood, then you will know that you are looking at something special! Our company is based in Loganhome , south of Brisbane. International Panels.
  10. This is a Marine Grade Product! Admittedly BS 1088.. I’m told that some companies that claim to be Marine Plywood Specialist in Qld are selling BC WBP as Marine. WBP. Is water boiling point. It is a test on the quality of the glue. Marine Ply must meet this Standard. B face, C back. Marine must be at least B+ front and back. The main difference is the quality of the core. The Marine core must be devoid of gaps. It’s the quality that you pay for.
  11. To answer another question.. This is an EO product. Zero Emissions. The Emissions that we worry about it Formaldehyde.. it is a used as a Preservative in some products. One of the reasons for this is because the glue used tends to go off, over time. This product is built to Marine Standards.... BS1088, British Marine Standard. The glue used is a Phenolic Resin ( Water proof glue) that doesn’t go off and doesn’t require preservatives!!!
  12. Sooooo, the answers to the Environmental questions! We are not in the Plywood game to Launder endangered timber species and get caught and end up in the Big House sharing a Cell with a BIG HAIRY FRIEND! Prior to COVID Our purchasing Manager made frequent trips to our chosen Timber mills in Malaysia and Papua New Guinea to guarantee to Quality and Legitimacy of our products. Our purchasing Manager has managed Timber Mills in Malaysia and India and is Very aware of meeting our Legal Obligations.. This product is assembled in Malaysia and has all the Malaysian Government Certifi
  13. So the species is Kapur.... it’s a type of Camphor ( as in Camphor Laurel), it has a nice fragrance! it comes out of S E Asia.. As far as I know we are the only Aust company dealing with this mill. We are nothing to do with the company Marine Plywood Australia,( whoever they are.....) and we don’t have to market aggressively! I will get photos tomorrow, if I remember! Oh, and another good thing about this product is that it is amazingly flat!, cheap plywood’s have a habit of twisting......
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