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  1. they have some nice looking cables thanks for the help muon*
  2. yeah i have an amp that supports xlr and 1/4 and i have an adapter for 3.5 if needed
  3. well the guy that modded them for me, said the termination didnt matter (xlr,3.5, 1/4) are all fine to use as long as my amp supports it, i was looking at mimic-cables but some people on some other forums and reddit were saying that the build quality wasn't great
  4. yes, l&r both have a 3.5mm in
  5. i just got a detectable cable mod done so they have dual 3.5mm inputs now and also put some zmf pads on them (not really a mod)
  6. i was looking to spend 100-150, i don't really believe in hearing a difference, i am just looking for quality build.
  7. i am looking to buy some nice cables for my modded 770, so far i have found periaptcables any other places selling cables at an affordable price?
  8. Item:Limited Edition DT770 250 ohm Location:melb Price: 150 + postage Item Condition:used for ~2 months Reason for selling:got a pair of 600ohm 770 Payment Method: paypal Extra Info: Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. i will only need usb since it will plug into my pc
  10. ok thanks i will looking to that dac, also my understanding is the inputs are balanced but the wiring inside the amp isn't
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