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  1. Thanks Monster11, great info on both the units- gettng some good info from the community which i appreciate- cheers
  2. Thanks Robin for the offer- i'll hunt around locally first- got some glue so halfway there!
  3. Thanks both of you for your insights, certainly something to think about. will definitely audition the Nova now after your comments. it's good to get some confirmation on the core- it reinforces my opinion so thanks for that!
  4. ill keep that in mind when sourcing the glue- thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately some of the Perspex is missing which is going to be a pain to source same or similar- have you any suggestions on suppliers?
  5. Excellent advice thanks Robin, I'll give it a go
  6. H Ray, i have a pair of Martin Logan Theos speakers if you are still interested- i haven't listed them yet. Excellent condition $3200 negotiable. colour black Ash
  7. speakers are very clear and responsive- sound brilliant
  8. Hi there my B&O 4002 turntable has a broken lid at the weak point at the back one ofthe corners has broken off. Unfortunately this was disguised and only discovered after buying. Too much hassle to chase the interstate seller. Does any one have any clues as to where i could get it fixed or any other alternative ideas. i want to restore back to as close to original as possible. i'm aware of the Beolovers website.
  9. Thanks Blakey feeling very welcome- seems like a great community! BTW how do you put your own system info into your profile- i think ive overlooked that
  10. Thanks Bill some great insights- really appreciate it.I agree the simplified functionality is a strong motivation but the quality has to be there as well. it would be good to exit the Sonos a get a quality ripper instead of using the computer which can't be as good. All my digital files are stored in lossless format.
  11. I've audtioned the Aria 948 which ive put down a deposit on. I like the Naim but wanted to check with other users that it just wasn't a marriage of convenience for marketing purposes. im sure my current amp will be fine with the Arias im looking at possibly replacing the Luxman for the Uniti Star in about 12 months when funds permit.
  12. My current speakers do require a fair bit of power which the Luxman has, I will be changing into Focal Aria speakers in the future and as the Nain desn't have the same power output it wouldn't be an issue with the new speakers-it's a long term plan
  13. Thanks Steve apreciate the advice- will jump on their site as well. i was very interested in the simpicity ond funtionality of the Uniti Star. I'm assuming the sound quality is good
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