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  1. it’s lots of fun to take the the fascia front panel to a CNC machinest to tool the symbols. Practice template recommended to see how a CAD drawing renders to actual including appropriate tool bit used. Or laser etch.
  2. So what was crucial in changing your mind was the “expensive”. I’ve never heard of that electronic component, or is that an emotion?
  3. I couldn’t see any problem with Stereocoffee’s comment above. I suggest discuss the topic rather who he is or what he knows
  4. It’s about the development process of the SC. The maker approaches development from ‘two sides”. That is not just from a techno-scientific approach but also from listening to sound as it is to ascertain the technical but also just striving for fidelity to the living experience in all its dimension I knew an expert in radio signals who could tell just by listening what the real technical issue was. It comes from a lot of experience. That’s the Art and Science together. so the point was, as I interpreted, was the development ethos behind the stereocoffee. a famous exponent of this method was Goethe. There are others, a famous one in mathematics concerning light and electricity. So the point was also respect to Mr Chris Daly’s development ethos.
  5. Sounds very good logon. There is a great tradition of learning synthesising the ‘intuitionism’ of perception with science or technics. I’m thinking of Goethe specifically and his theory of colour. And more recently the physicist Arthur Zajonc’s “Catching the Light’ on the history of understanding light, and all this comes to mind with Stereo Coffee’s marker, Chris Daly, with his ‘two mind phase’ approach to electronics as a life system. I could go on, but others here would get the drift
  6. Hello Steve were you able to ascertain the “hangs on to the dimensionality” shane hobart tasmania
  7. Thanks Geoff for that reflection. I’m looking forward to the privilege of implementing Chris’ StereoCoffee soon. shane hobart tasmania
  8. Hi ”your background” means, ‘your personal history’, in other words, ‘your vocation’, or ‘professional life’, or, ‘aesthetic interests’? best regards
  9. Yes..excellent description. You’ve really articulated well. May I ask your background?
  10. Hi Robmid sorry for late reply. I’ve recently ordered a StereoCoffee LDR from Chris Daly. And will align it with some good second hand gear renovated to make the most of the SC’s delivery. once it’s altogether I will compare it with some very common audio devices that ‘the masses’ use daily and hope to renew my relationship with recorded music. i think the essence you speak of becomes the sonic-scape musicians often intend-in-the-moment, perhaps if only this intention is a deeply nested intuition on the Real of ‘meaning and feeling’. I won’t discuss ‘Real’ here. It’s probably worth then learning more about the context of the musicians’ life or ‘ecology’ to glean a further insight into that essence. So this becomes a non-audiophile reflection to something meta-philosophical, and culturally anthropological. The journey begins when you can place on repeat what was performed with a fidelity that takes you close to the there. But music is no sui generis of meaning and thought so it may lose definition if the percipient forgets there is a body undergoing experiencing all that life presents it. makes sense to me, happy to have other views
  11. Looking forward to start using my ‘ears’ with the Chris Daly LDR stereo coffee. thankyou for sharing, stereocoffee, I understood very little being not literate in this domain but appreciate an insight into the theory behind it.
  12. Hi Has there been any further review of the Stereo Coffee LDR covering any recent iterations? Not sure if I’m navigating correctly on this forum.
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