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  1. @seaninbrisbane, I know this is a super old topic. Do you recall the brand/name of the power board you got at bunnings? I’m looking to track one down.
  2. I’ve been looking for a musical sub to complement a pair of Richter Merlin S6’s. There are minimal reviews of the Kurlette and my local Legend Speaker stockist doesn’t have a Kurlette to preview. If you own one of these please leave a testimonial below. If you’ve heard one but don’t own it, maybe just clarify that in your response.
  3. Thanks @Snoopy8, I posted in your other thread before I realised you’d posted here... well done on the researching. I think if people want to track this thread in the future they will benefit by looking at your thread as well.
  4. So as it turns out, the specs from my Yamaha RX-V3073 aren’t that shabby for a 2 channel setup. (As you stated, it doesn’t overcome the music limitations with avrs.) Rated Output Power (2-channel driven) (20Hz to 20kHz, 0.06% THD, 8Ω) Front L/R 150 W + 150 W https://au.yamaha.com/files/download/other_assets/3/328083/RX-V3073_V2073_om_En.pdf
  5. Thanks @LHC I did some auditioning on the weekend in store. One of the options was the Emit M20’s. i discussed how my avr would go. I was advised that it would be fine for the emits but would struggle with any of the other higher model Dynaudios. That’s probably the end of this thread for me. However, I thought someone who finds this thread later might be interested in my perspective of the auditions. That’s next. I listened to the kef Ls50, richter Merlin s6 and the Dynaudio Emit M20’s. To my ears, the Dynaudios were my least favourite. (It probably didn’t help that on one of my auditioning tracks the first sound brought out a vibration in the driver.) I was told it had been a floor model for quite sometime and may have been dropped. That aside, wasn’t the sound I was looking for. Quite liked the LS50’s, but that aluminium midrange driver was a little in your face for me. So my pick was the Richter Merlin S6. For me it had a bigger sound stage than the other two. It even provided an element of instrumentation separation. The tones it produced seem to match what I’m looking for in a speaker. In the price range I’m looking at, I think these might be hard to beat!
  6. @Snoopy8 I’m enjoying tracking this thread. After sharing your point of view in my other thread I’ve been doing some of my own research to try and find some more info on this topic. Firstly I tried to find some independent bench tests of my own receiver but was unable to find my exact model in one of these tests. However I was able to find a bench test of something pretty close to mine. Here is the link to the power test https://www.soundandvision.com/content/test-report-yamaha-rx-a3000-av-receiver-page-4 This definitely seems to indicate that the more channels that are used the lower wattage outputs from the amplifiers. The article linked below was interesting, as well as the other suggested articles in the See Also section down the bottom. Kinda old but I doubt the science has changed. https://www.audioholics.com/audio-amplifier/product-managing-receiver-platforms-power-ratings I’m definitely no avr designer but in my research it seems to suggest that the amp assigned for each channel might be capable of outputting the 150 watts (whatever the rating is). However, the channel amps can only output that amount if they can access the power needed from the power supply to do that. In my personal situation my AVR power supply would not be able to provide enough power to see each channel amp operate at its maximum potential simultaneously. I hope I haven’t added white noise to this thread, I’m new at this.
  7. I think this thread has run its course for the moment. My plan from here is to take my AVR to my auditions. Thank you to the people who contributed and made me aware of some things to look into further. I will endeavour to update this thread once I’ve gotten set up. In case it helps someone in the future.
  8. Ok @Snoopy8, so I get your point on sound quality but surely power is part of the sound quality equation. If the speakers require a certain power to sound good then whatever is connected needs to be at or above that certain level otherwise the quality will be rubbish. I've even read that under-powering a speaker can damage it. Applying the efficiency formula you applied earlier in the thread means the Powernode will have 36 watts per channel. This is pretty close to the 33 watts per channel on my AVR calculation. Have the comments above been more about the sound quality of the AVR, cause earlier on in the thread it seemed to me like some people were saying the AVR wouldn't have the power to drive the Emit M20's? As you mentioned earlier, if I can live with AVR sound, so be it. You also mentioned I should do a comparison with the AVR and an integrated amp, is your estimation that I would see a noticeable and significant improvement with the Powernode?
  9. Thanks @LHC, I won't be purchasing without auditioning. It seems like the way forward for me is to take the AVR in-store, hook up the speakers and see how I feel/think. @Wimbo are you suggesting adding that NAD to my AVR or replacing the AVR with the NAD? Thanks for the speaker suggestion, I'm not going to be going for anything that big. My bookshelves won't be on stands, they'll be on an entertainment unit (and yes...close to the wall...). And those Paradigm's won't pass the wife decor test. That said, I've been trying to put the knowledge shared in this thread into a feasible scenario for me. I'm guessing I would be lucky to sell off my AVR for around $500. There is a Bluesound Powernode 2i that seems to go for around $700 second hand. You guys have said that the Yamaha specs are BS, the specs of the Powernode are Power Output: HybridDigital™ Amplifier, 60 Watts x2 into 8ohms. These specs are way lower than my AVR but are you experts saying that the output from this would be bigger than my AVR? Bigger and cleaner? seems crazy...
  10. Thanks for the ML1 tip @DrSK but those colours will not pass the wife test...
  11. Thanks for all the input. I think I should provide a little more context. Initially I was trying to find a soundbar that would do a decent job at music and would fit with the decor of a multipurpose lounge/living room. I knew this would be a compromise but after listening to various examples the compromise was far to great! Even spending close to 1k on a soundbar didn’t get me near what I was content with. I had the receiver mentioned above doing nothing and decided I was much more likely to get better music out of it and some 1k bookshelves. Hence the bookshelf search and the interest in the Emit M20’s. In my auditioning I’ve heard systems that far exceed my budget now and probably forevermore. I have gotten immense enjoyment from these experiences. But I’m on a scale, and really I’m looking at the soundbar being kinda at the bottom. Correct me if I’m wrong but my AVR with some bookshelves, maybe even the Emit M20’s, will be a big step up in music reproduction. Could it be better, absolutely! As @DrSK mentioned, I’ll enjoy it and then maybe some of my circumstances might change and I might not be able to resist being able to do some upgrades in the future. So, some people think my AVR will be fine for the Emit M20’s and some people think not so much. I haven’t auditioned the Emit M20’s yet so there’s a chance they won’t be my thing. So I guess here is the bottom line, am I going to get better bang for my buck by choosing an 8ohm speaker that’s easier to drive or my AVR (RX-V3073) is powerful enough to just choose the bookshelf that I think sounds best?
  12. @Wimbo does this mean use the preouts on the receiver to add in another amplifier?
  13. Thanks @Wimbo, excuse my ignorance but what exactly do you mean by “if you aren’t using all the amps”? I thought I had a decent receiver so that’s encouraging regarding the power supply. And yes, there is a “Pure Direct” button for the bypass
  14. Yes, there is a setting in a setup menu to change the receiver to suit 4 Ohm speakers and I’m confident to do that. @Snoopy8 I never thought to look at the total consumption and I can see that figure in the manual. I can also track your calculations. I’m not going to be using the 9 channels so does this change the calculations? This is early days for me so I’ll be starting with a 2 channel system with bookshelves that in time will grow to a 2.1 and then a 3.1 beyond that. The mix will probably be more music but I can only accomodate 1 box. I’m going to stick with my current receiver for now. Thanks @DrTobiasFunke, I rang one of the Dynaudio retailers in Sydney today and he seemed to suggest my receiver would have more than enough power. Just wanted to see if there were other opinions from people who aren’t selling (which obviously there are), it’s all food for thought. Thanks @Bunno77 for you input also
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