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  1. Can i use this level converter while the cd players original speakers are still plugged in, I want the choice to use all speakers at once or just the cd players speakers,
  2. Thanks for the reply Warren. Ij haven't had a look outside yet. Do you mean I can just tap the connections of the pot. I'm assuming it's not a digital pot at this stage
  3. Panasonic SC-PM250 20 Watt. I can post a picture of the back when I get home after work.
  4. Hi all, I recently purchased a cheap CD player, with the intention of running it through an external amplified speaker. However i didnt check the unit properly before buying it. I didnt realise it had no audio output just two speaker outputs. I still want to use the speaker outputs and not always use the external speaker or use all at the same time,. How can i add an audio output. I dont mind pulling the unit apart. The store wont let me return as its been opened.Any helpm is appreciated Thanks ctesla75
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