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  1. Love Sonique. Recently purchased 4 x 5.5se speakers for around $600. You looking to sell?
  2. I game on a LG OLED C7 at the moment so I think it is around 15ms. I don't expect the jump to 30ms to be too noticeable but it is a sizeable investment that I want to ensure suits my needs. Never been a PC gamer, consoles have always been my thang.
  3. I really noticed it on racing games and it was unplayable for me on the Tw9000. I should just take in a console to a retailer and try it out. Thank you for your input
  4. Any TW9400 users experience with gaming? What is the input lag like? I used to have a tw9000w, great projector with terrible input lag for gaming. Next projector I buy needs good input lag as well as being as good if not better then my previous TW9000W.
  5. From what I understand, no. He purchased the 4500 after the 8500 didn't fit in his cabinet.
  6. I can vouch for this seller. I was actually very close to purchasing it from him off Gumtree on the weekend but wife wasn't thrilled so couldn't go through with it. From the texts we shared he is a very genuine guy. He also sent me a photo of how the 8500 was overhanging the cabinet. Good luck with the sale.
  7. Also interested to know your location in Perth. Your location could swing me to purchase these. Im interested to see how they would work with my system and use them as rears.
  8. Thanks for the tag. Hadn’t seen it. Will message seller now.
  9. I would also be interested in the forums advice on this. I have nothing to add other then that budget should get you some great speakers!
  10. Welcome fellow Perthian. I am right in the middle of upgrading my setup. I just purchased a new subwoofer (SVS PB-4000). Always looking for good deals on here. I really want to get my hands on some Sonique speakers which are quite old but I love them.
  11. SVS PB-4000 = $3,000 Im on the fence. My room is quite open. Should I bite?
  12. When I purchase my new fronts (most probably the Kef Q950's) I'm going to continue to use my Sav-5's as my rears. Floor standers all round. Any recommendations for speakers in the 2-3k range for floor standers that are similar to Sonique and reasonably priced in Aus?
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