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  1. Welcome fellow Perthian. I am right in the middle of upgrading my setup. I just purchased a new subwoofer (SVS PB-4000). Always looking for good deals on here. I really want to get my hands on some Sonique speakers which are quite old but I love them.
  2. SVS PB-4000 = $3,000 Im on the fence. My room is quite open. Should I bite?
  3. When I purchase my new fronts (most probably the Kef Q950's) I'm going to continue to use my Sav-5's as my rears. Floor standers all round. Any recommendations for speakers in the 2-3k range for floor standers that are similar to Sonique and reasonably priced in Aus?
  4. I am in the same position as you. Have had the sav-5’s since late 90’s. Absolutely adore them but feel it is time for an upgrade. I am currently looking at the Kef Q950’s. Any opinions? I am really interested in what others in here say are the closest matching to the Sonique’s.
  5. In DizzyMickeys defence he has pm'd me with reasons for selling.
  6. I have Sonique Sav-5's for my front left and right. I would love to purchase the same floor standing speakers for my rears. Any recommendations for floor standers that are similar?
  7. I just want to find some Sonique Sav-5 speakers to buy.
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