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  1. We have the SC-LX 78 and it is stunning for many applications. Paired with a Cabasse 5.1 speaker config, Blu-ray concerts are amazing. Now setting up with a lovelyturntable - a Perpetuum Ebner PE800, I have certainly found a limitation. The phono stage is awful. I am testing with a Schiit Mani phono stage and this sounds great with the PE800. Next step is moving to a MC cartridge and that rules out the Mani due to its 47 Ohm limitation. In summary, the LX 78 tuned by Air Studios in London is amazing for theatre surroundmusic. So far pretty good with analogue however more work to see if it is up to the task or a dedicated stereo amp needs to be added to the family.
  2. Hey simons, Why not 🙂 ? Cheers, Timzy
  3. Hello all, Having just received a beautiful Perpetuum Ebner PE800 turntable for my birthday, it seems I am now a new member of the 'addicted to analogue' club. One wonders why such a turntable is configured with a rather average MM cartridge - they could include at least a reasonable MC. I know a couple of long-standing members here, including simons, Clearly the journey has just begun - having just ordered a new phono stage and chatting with one of the members here about a MC cartridge that he is selling. Looking forward to many hours on stereonet. All the best, Timzy
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