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  1. Hi there all. Hope you are having a great Sunday! I purchased a 2nd Yamaha 5.1 home theatre system which comprises of a RX-S600 AV Receiver YST-W300 Subwoofer NS-F160 speakers front x 2 NS-B160 speakers rear x 2 NS-P160 centre speaker Now when I bought this system, the system was shown to me as working however when I tried to set it up at home I have found that that hdmi switching won't work unless I press "setup" on the yamaha remote and manualyy switch of "hdmi" then exit out and enter the setup menu again and enable it. Once I have done this sound is then available through the speakers. The subwoofer powers up and when I plug the cable in you hear a feedback noise briefly but it can't be detected by the av receiver. I had someone come around and replace all the cables and plugs and hdmi and subwoofer cables and still I cannot get this to work properly. Can someone please help this novice out? Thanking you in advance.
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