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  1. Also a big recommendation for Sonus Faber speakers. I think Carlton audio still have a second hand pair in there for around $3500?? I saw a picture recently but they’ve taken them off their website (they have new Sonus faber on there). I remember Auditioning that very pair, amazing a very powerful. Too expensive for me back then. whoever gets them for $3k is a thief.
  2. Was serious Marc, they do like a dance. Bought them. Sorry about the phone number mishap and thanks for covering the numbers up. I couldn't find the private message button.
  3. Hi George, my name is Tony, I live in [a HOUSE] I'm in the market for a nice pair of quality floorstanders that don't offend the eye and can handle a my Michi amp which is 200wRMS (into 8ohms). Most of my listening these days is streamed and at a civilised volume. Once a year the wives get a bit tipsy and like to dance into the night so I'd like to know if these can slam a dance floor if required? My phone number is [NOT IMPORTANT], text me. Tony
  4. Item: Wanted, a pair of PSB Synchrony one speakers Price Range: $1500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Inner Melbourne Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. Thanks Pearce, that price is for one speaker, too much
  6. I've had my DrDac2 dx for about 10 years and I still love it to bits. The problem is its starting to make that worn sound when you turn the volume up. Does anyone know a trusted place I can get it re-vamped? I live in Northcote, Melbourne. Thanks in advance, Tony
  7. No worries, but did you have to delete the fact that I'm in Melbourne? Anyway I'll keep checking in to see if anyone has a pair. (Oh and I did over 300 posts back in the day). Thanks
  8. Hey guys, I used to be quite active on here a decade ago. I'm looking to replace my speakers with a pair of PSB Synchrony one speakers (they're quite a few years old now but I'm still a fan). I saw someone posted a pair for sale on here exactly one year ago (they sold). If any of you have a pair I'd like to make an offer of $1500 for them. If this post goes old and stale I'm still interested! Cheers,
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