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  1. G'Day mate, Many thanks for the link to searching for a D442sr-2 stylus. Unfortunately to purchase one from Australia would cost me $35 for stylus plus $28.20 for postage!!! total $63.20 which as an 81 year old Pensioner I just cannot afford. I have Googled various sites in UK but not one shop stocks this stylus and the only chance was on eBay but came up either "used" or "Sold out" I am very upset as I have my large collection of vinyl classical piano music plus a quantity of album sets of popular music from all over the world collected during my 51 years in British and Australian Merchant navies and cannot play any of them!! However I will keep searching, there must be a suitable stylus for me somewhere at an affordable price. Thanks again, Kind regards, Cap'n Dave Bowley
  2. Recently I posted a request for help concerning a replacement stylus for my vintage HMV Sheraton Radiogram with identifiers Cartridge PC22 Stylus HV6 which when i bought it in Cooma NSW (charity sale) was fitted with a compatible replacement from Stanfield Sound products. A kind gentleman replied with a link to find a suitable replacement, I think a D442sr-2 but I cannot find his reply in any of the forum categories or I have deleted it by mistake. Can he or anyone else put me back to that link. Much appreciated, Kind regards, Cap'n Dave Bowley
  3. Help! I have a beautiful vintage HMV Sheraton Radio Stereogram with an oak cabinet and magnificent sound. Sadly I have just found that the turntable stylus was actually ripped out during a recent 'furniture rearrangement' and was found lying beside the turntable. It was the actual 'needle' part not the whole item to turn it from 33 to 45 I am searching desperately for a replacement stylus. The broken stylus is a Stanfield Diamond replacement stylus and is compatible with HMV and listed as HV-6D. and was bought in Australia many years ago, I am now in UK and and contacted Goldring here in UK who just said they couldn't help me! I have tried to find Stanfield's email contact without success, keeps coming as a 404 not found error. Can anyone help me find a replacement stylus compatible with my HMV Sheraton Radiogram, I would be eternally grateful. Many thanks, Kind regards, Captain David Bowley (formerly from Dalgety NSW 2628)
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