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  1. One problem seems to be solved and another is a concern. I done the 'contact cleaner' and nothing changed. I accidently brushed the speaker wire and I got a response from the Right Hand Speaker, hmmm. On further inspection, I noticed that, 45 years ago, I joined another speaker wire to the original wire for an extension. After I redone the wiring joint, the Right Hand Speaker is now working. I'm pleased, but annoyed that the problem seemed to be something simple. Now, the other problem, which started weeks ago. There is a noise that only comes out of the Left Hand Speakers. The volume of the noise varies, from silence to a loud noise and there is no pattern. It starts when I turn the amplifier on and continues for a little while after I turn the amplifier off. Any idea what the problem is, or any suggestions what I could try to stop the noise??? By the way, thanks for all your help, @surprisetech, @Sub Sonic, @Ratbob and @mbz
  2. Thanks for the advice. A neighbour of mine gave me a can of 'CRC NF Contact Cleaner' so I'll try that soon.
  3. I found this very useful website to cleaning my amp. I think it's best to wait until after Christmas to buy the De-Oxit on line. https://www.wikihow.com/Apply-Deoxit Thanks for all your help, I'll let you know how it went.
  4. RE:.....…..to service all the switches with De-Oxit………. Because the De-Oxit is a spray, can I just service the Amp's switches without dismantling it? Or do I have to remove the outer casing?
  5. Thanks for your help. RE:.......D5 can also be used on pots to clean the wiper...…. Sorry for my ignorance, but I don't know what you mean?
  6. Ok, the spray is best. Hmmm, the closet Altronics store is 6 hrs away (SYD), but looks like I can buy on line. There are 3 Deoxit Spray Cans available: https://www.altronics.com.au/search/all/?sr=Deoxit%2Bspray F5 $44.95, D5 $42 and R44 $14.95 Will the low priced R44 do the job?
  7. Thank you for your suggestion. You are right, I see the connection. I located a Jaycar store only 1 hrs drive away. Since my Amp is 45 years old and never been cleaned, I think I better pay the extra money for the De0oxit Solution Kit $29.95 and do a proper job. I have never done this sort of thing before, but it doesn't sound too challenging to (unplug first) unscrew and open the Amp to give it a clean. Since I will be selling the HiFi soon, it makes sense that I have it working properly.
  8. I found a white, red and yellow cable and connected the red and white plugs and did all as you recommended. It didn't make any difference, BUT I jiggled the Function switch and now the right speakers are working in stereo. The switch is sensitive, but a little side nudge and the right speakers keeps works. Now there is a new problem. There is a crackling/distortion noise coming out of the speakers, regardless if a record is playing. I fiddled with all the front switches of the Amp and only when I pressed off the 'Speaker System Selector Switch' the noise stopped. When pressed on again, the noise came back. When I turned off the amp, the noise goes louder just before it stops. Any idea what is wrong? The problem started yesterday, around the time I moved the Turntable's '33 - 45 Selector' switch to play a 45 single (which I haven't done for over a decade). The noise is still there during playing a 33 LP. I don't know if this is just a coincident to the noise?
  9. That makes sense, a good rule. My problem is that I haven't played the HiFi for a really long time, as in the lounge room the TV dominates, hmmm. Ideally I could have kept, and played, the HiFi in my art studio, in the garage, but living next to the coast would not be the ideal place for it.
  10. Ok. I had to google 'Stereo RCA Cable' and I think I may have some buried somewhere. I'll have a look, or buy one. I'll let you know how I went.
  11. Or, I could take @surprisetech advice "...…… it might be worth listing it in the classifieds here for one of the tinkerers who like to restore these gems...…" At least I know it is going to a good home. Actually, I'll be down sizing homes soon, so maybe selling the whole HiFi would be best, keeping it all together, hmmm.
  12. Because this is all new to me, I would prefer someone competent to do it. I live in Bermagui, Far South Coast, NSW. The closest large towns to me would be Narooma, Bega, Marimbula and Batemans Bay. Not sure anyone around here can do it? Good that it appears to be repairable, such a good HiFi unit. I mixed and matched the Amp with the Apan Turntable and Richard Allan Speakers at the RadioParts store in Nth Melbourne, Vic.
  13. Thanks Sub Sonic and I tried all what you said Surprisedtech and no success. In desperation 🙂, I started jiggling the switches on the front of the Amp and when I pushed the '2CH/4CH Function' switch to the left, the right hand speaker started to work. When I took the pressure off the switch, the right hand side speaker stopped working again, hmmm. Maybe just needs a clean???
  14. Thanks for that detail info Surprisetech. I'll go and try your suggestions and get back to you later.
  15. Hi, I'm new here. I have a problem with my 45 year old Vintage HiFi. The Amplifier (Nikko trm 500 stereo) is the problem, as it works in Mono, but in Stereo, the right speaker doesn’t work. Is it something that can be repaired? If so, are parts for it still available? I have rarely used the HiFi in the last 25 years. My Apan BFU-121 Turntable works perfectly and my Richard Allan Speakers still sound great. The Amplifier is the problem. I will be house downsizing soon, so I am wondering if it is worth keeping.
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