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  1. Is there anyone on this forum who can make custom speaker cables of custom lengths? I dont need anything super special but i just need some custom cables made for a low/mid end home theater system.
  2. Hey Guys, I'm new here, name is Simon, I like long walks on the beach and such. About 15 years ago I had a low to mid range audio system, a set of Quad 12L's a NAD 326BEE and a powered Quad sub. Anyway my company moved me overseas to Asia so it put it all away in storage and went and did my thing. Lived overseas for 8 years, found a wife, had a kid, etc. Forgot about my love for pro audio. Moved back to Australia 5 years ago. Anyway, about 2 months ago my buddy mentioned he was going to be having a christmas party, I mentioned to him I had "some speakers and an amp in storage somewhere". He hassled me for a few weeks and eventually I went and dug it out of storage and brought it to his house. I set it all up, turned it all on, and we played a dire straights record. Wow, I was instantly jealous of my buddys new toy I had stupidly given him. So I've set about to get back into audio. I've already bought a new NAD amp and some Quad speakers from a member here and set them up in my little home office, and I'm in love again. I hope you guys will accept me and my crazyness back into your comunity, I'm sorry I was away for so long.
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