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  1. Thanks I think im going with Arcam Avr20 I know its a bit more expensive but all the reviews say the sound is excellent. Plus they are doing deals so ill get it cheaper.
  2. Hi Im only using 5 channels. If I get a pre pro then I would need a 3 channel amp and the costs will blow out.
  3. Hi Colin or other contributors I have been doing some research and I have narrowed it down to Anthem MRX 1120 and the new Arcam AVR20 or 30. I don't really need the additional channels.
  4. Thanks that's great! I didn't think I was getting a lot for my money.
  5. Hi, My existing AV Receiver Rotel RSX 1560 has died due to a power surge. I am looking at upgrading to the current model. I also have 2 Rotel 1582 running my front speakers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Expensive given features.
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