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  1. Ahhh ok.. sort of like a back-up so you will never be without, but can also change if felt the need. Loving to tinker myself i just fantasized about swapping things in and out. Fatiguing, I new this was a thing but didn't understand it myself until i got my current setup, I'd come from sonos to where im at now, and it was a stuggle to get through an album with sonos, exactly like you say though.. tiring.. Cheers
  2. That means alot, cheers. Like one of the guys said to me the other day if someone says it's the 'best' it means they like it, it someone says its the worst it just means they don't like it.
  3. Yesterday i got to Visit 2 Hifi Shops, i listened to an ARCAM SA30 with Chario speakers via Airplay, (way out of my budget but that was on offer to listen too), I had asked something that was similar to Primare though. Instruments sounds were crisp and separation great, the vocals didn't sound super exciting . came back home re played the track and still find myself doubting what i heard. going into HIFI shops has never been an easy thing for me, i have never had a bad experience i just find them uncomfortable. I didn't get to listen to anything in other shop it was pretty bu
  4. I think thats what I'm after, plenty of Detail, Yet after this weekend i may have to rethink my whole game plan. I really like your setup, i think this would be ideal for me (though not on that scale), having a couple of different things at any one time, the fact you can mix'n'match sounds something special to me. I'm yet to hear a proper tubed setup, this i will be looking forward too! when do you feel the need to mix'n'match? is it mood or genre of music based? or something completely different? True, but i also did get to bring along my own cd, which i got
  5. Telephone and Rubber Band - Penguin Cafe Orchestra
  6. Speakers are on the cards now too, I'm still firm in wanting to upgrade my amplifier though. Patience, its harder said than done, ill be keeping an eye out in the 2nd hand market for both now I've convinced the other half that this weekend we will be visiting some hifi shops! Getting my head and ears in the game, taking notes of what i hear. Touche' hahaha, I'll see how I go Thats good to hear about the Primare! Will keep in mind, ill see what i can listen to in the mean time i figure i have to listen to as much as i can while i can, to me its al
  7. watts, it make sense when u put it like that. I think ill only every buy 2nd hand HIFI from now on, and only from here, simply for the reasons you've stated. I've only ever had good expediences in this community, TUBE or SS, I will let u know.. Hahaha indeed there is, ideas and amps.. i did notice that Vincent amp, Fantastic Name!! Gorgeous looking unit! doubt the stars would align for a freya and vidar to come up in the Classifieds. cheers
  8. Thanks for the Offer Mike will see what my options are after a few days. Cheers Hans PM Sent
  9. Thanks guys for both of your input, as I've just said i have put a post up in the WTB section, I'm now looking for a Primare I32, or a Tubed Freya, if i get the Primare thats that, well obviously not for ever... if i get the Tubed Freya i will intergrate it with my current amp even though not ideal i like the idea of hearing some minor details and will be on the hunt straight away for 2 channel power amp. if i get offers of anything else ill be sure to post it in here to get your opinions. if neither happen i will also look into other avenues as both of you have suggested something else.
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