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  1. Ahhh ok.. sort of like a back-up so you will never be without, but can also change if felt the need. Loving to tinker myself i just fantasized about swapping things in and out. Fatiguing, I new this was a thing but didn't understand it myself until i got my current setup, I'd come from sonos to where im at now, and it was a stuggle to get through an album with sonos, exactly like you say though.. tiring.. Cheers
  2. That means alot, cheers. Like one of the guys said to me the other day if someone says it's the 'best' it means they like it, it someone says its the worst it just means they don't like it.
  3. Yesterday i got to Visit 2 Hifi Shops, i listened to an ARCAM SA30 with Chario speakers via Airplay, (way out of my budget but that was on offer to listen too), I had asked something that was similar to Primare though. Instruments sounds were crisp and separation great, the vocals didn't sound super exciting . came back home re played the track and still find myself doubting what i heard. going into HIFI shops has never been an easy thing for me, i have never had a bad experience i just find them uncomfortable. I didn't get to listen to anything in other shop it was pretty bu
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