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  1. Will give your suggestions a try. Thank you. I incline to think that upgrading the pre-amp is my next step. We would like the music to have better clarity and the warmth. When I tried the Trigon pre-amps, the clarity and the soundstage improved greatly, but the warmth of our Prima Luna Prologue Premium was not as pronounced in strings and guitar music. A similar test was done with Bryston but with unconvincing results. As such, I am currently considering PS Audio BHK preamp or Prima Luna EVO 400 preamp. They both have valve elements. Hopefully the clarity of the music would be as good as the Trigon whilst retaining the warmth.
  2. It comes back to personal experience 🙂 The more systems and components one listens to, the more one could decipher their characteristics. Some of the hi-fi shops are willing to lend their gear for trial to see if there is synergy. I have tried that several times and found that sometimes more expensive amp do not work well with my existing speakers. Also, I found that I don't have enough experience to tell what I like best. Only someone who has listened to many different systems playing the same music can tell the subtle differences, and if his/her memory is good, can then say I like that because ....
  3. Thank you for all the comments. Honestly I don't have specific ideas what would be ideal. If I did I would only be able to describe that in the most general terms. I recently borrowed a Trigon preamp and it produces more details than my Prima Luna valve preamp. So musical details are desirable. However, it doesn't have the warmth when playing some classical music and classical guitar music. So I conclude that it would be nice to have musical details as well as the warmth, using what I have experienced as a baseline. I am thinking of upgrading my power amps but I am not too sure what a "better" or high-end monoblock would do to my system. I read that some people recommend selecting a "good" pair of speakers first, but then again, all the other components and cables matter too. It seems that the trick is to change one thing at a time. Hence the upgrade process is somewhat confusing. Having said that, I am very pleased with the Chord Electronic DAC. It reproduces more details than my previous DAC. It's a worthy addition.
  4. I love music and have been using relatively economical hi-fi gear. I currently own a pair of Celestion A2 speakers paired with AudioLab monoblocks, PrimaLuna preamp and Chord Electronics DAC. I am interested in finding out how to systematically improve the sound quality by replacing one component at a time. Are there any systematic ways to approach this problem? or do we just randomly test out different components and combinations to hear if it is better? How can one tell what is deficient in a system and what the weak link is?
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