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  1. Hi Guys, Just looking at some second hand projectors, still not quite ready to install the projector yet. The home theater room has been all sound insulated and the plasterboard has all been put up. Now just have to plaster, paint and carpet. There are a couple of projectors at the moment that are second hand. $4600 - JVC X9900 (500hrs on the first lamp) - 18 months warranty left $5000 - JVC X7900 (This is new and still in box) $4900 - Epson LS10000 (ex demo projector with little use) - Need to confirm warranty $3700 - Sony VPL-VE260ES (2500hrs on bulb - it's first lamp) warranty till October 2020 Are any of these a good deal or should I hold out and keep looking. I can not find many comparisons of the Epson vs the JVC. What are your thoughts on this? I know these are not native 4k except the sony projector. As i will be moving the seating position forward to allow beater surround sound. I will now be sitting around 11 foot from the 106" screen. Will i be better off getting a full native 4k projector like the JVC N5, I have seen N5 advertised on special for 7k. (this will be stretching my budget but if it is defiantly worth the upgrade could look at getting it) I will be watching watching movies, watching sports/NBA and also playing PS4/PS5 games (when it gets released). Thanks in advance
  2. Ok great, I will keep an eye out for a second hand JVC. If i can not find anything I will look at the Epson or N5 depending on what I can afford at the time. I still have a while before the room will be complete. e.g. insulation/sound proofing, plastering and carpet etc. Also regarding wiring for the projector. The projector will be around 5 to 7 meters from the AV receiver / server unit. I am looking to future proof it a bit. I have so far run: 2 x HDMI Cable (4K 18gbs) 1 x 3.5mm Trigger Cable 2 x Cat 6 1 x RS232 Is there anything else I should run now? Is there any benefits of runing a USB cable? I know JVC only uses the USB for service/firmware so is there not much point? Thanks,
  3. Yeah I think it will be a big difference. Now I just need to decide on what projector to get. I have been reading a lot of forums and everyone seems to rate JVC projectors. I was thinking of either picking up a second hand x7900 if i can find one for a good price or go for the new N5. Which do you guys recommend? The room will have complete light control with no windows. If I put the lounge in front of the recess it will be around 11 feet from the screen. Or do you guys recommend another projector e.g. Epson 9400 or any other brand/model.
  4. The only reason why I was going to have a motorized screen was because of the gas fireplace. When the fireplace was in use to heat the downstairs rooms, the screen could be up and out of the way to prevent any damage. There will not be a TV in this room only projector. I have since turned on the fireplace on high and it will not produce enough heat in the screen area to effect it. I will now just be getting a fixed 106" screen. I have also completed all the wiring. I have run the speaker wiring so the actual speaker locations can be decided at a later stage. The surround can either be set up for the lounge against the wall or in front of the recess. I have talked to my partner and she is willing to have the lounge in front of the recessed wall if it is a significant difference in image quality/immersion. We can decide after projector is set up.
  5. Thanks for all your info it is great help. Unfortunately I do not think i can move the 3 seater over 700mm into the room as it will make the room feel small. I know i want a theater room but I also need to compromise with the missus. I am thinking I am lucky enough to get myself a room at all 😏 I have attached some pictures of the room with the step out wall. This is a block cement wall so it can not be removed etc. The block wall is around 1400mm high and the step out is 700mm x 700mm. We have framed above the block wall so the hole step out just looks like a complete wall instead of a weird half wall. I know I am not going to have a perfect acoustic room but I am hoping it will still have a good enough surround sound. This is my first theater room/surround sound system so I am not by any means an audiophile just want a nice sounding theater room. Do still think I can create a good enough surround sound? Everyone is suggesting more of a 5.1.2 setup so I will look at only wiring the room for that. With a the ceiling speakers for the 5.1.2 on the Dolby speaker guide they appear to be in front of the listening position. Should i then put them inline with the front left and right like the attached? The left and right surround are not going to be in a perfect location but I do not think i can change as the step out wall makes it hard. So i think they need to go on the sides of the step in part on the back wall unless someone has better ideas for surround. I know that in a 5.1.2 setup they are meant to be side surrounds and not back which suits my framing better.
  6. Hi All, Currently my home theater room is just framing and I am planning wiring it up in the next few days. All of the speakers will be either in wall or in ceiling. The room layout is not perfect but I will just have to work with it. This is going to be a dedicated theater room with a projector above the main seating (3 seater in attached image). The 3 seater is against the back wall, I could possibly move it away from wall by 1 foot but the missus will not let me move any more forward to avoid the wall step out as we would loose to much of the floor area in the room. There is also two ceiling beams in the room so up firing atmos is not going to work. I was looking at doing an atmos setup either a 5.1.2 or 5.1.4 with in ceiling speakers and the front speakers and side surrounds as in wall. As the back wall / 3 seater couch is not exactly center to the screen how do i go about the placement for the sepakers? Should i go for a 5.1.4 setup or just stick to a 5.1.2? Should I change the position of speakers from my attached diagram? In the drawing I have not aligned the atmos in ceiling and side surrounds with the front speakers as the rear seating is off center (wall step out in the way). Let me know your thoughts.
  7. Hi all, I am looking at setting up my first home theater. I would like a great quality projector that can be used for many years and be happy with it. After doing a lot of reading and researching I have found that the JVC projectors to be very popular for home theater enthusiast. I can not afford the new JVC N series so would need to look at getting a 2nd hand projector. I have an opportunity to get a JVC X5500 projector for $1,800. Is this a good buy as I do not normally purchase 2nd hand equipment. It has around 750 hrs used on the lamp and is the original/first lamp. The projector itself is in good condition. Should i go ahead and jump on this projector or should I wait and try and find a x7900 or x9900? Is there any other projectors that you recommend? Max I would not be looking to spend is up to the 4K mark. Thanks in advanced.
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