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  1. Flamjam - 2400 lumens, I upgraded from a Sanyo PLV4000 and it is significantly brighter and better in most aspects, although I like the automatic lens cover slider on the Sanyo. betty boop - I've been through this process of agonising over a screen a few times and always end up continuing on with the wall. The guy I got the AE8000 from had upgraded to a Benq UHD and ran that on a low priced screen ... he showed it to me ... sharp as a pin and black as an OLED TV - but that is down to the projector not the screen. A screen for me means non fixed, which means problems with waves and tension and curling. What will I get out of a screen over the wall ? Colour is fine already, brightness is fine, contrast is fine. Sharper image ? For that matter what will I get from a 1K screen over a .1K screen ? I know they are pleb questions but please enlighten me
  2. This is what I am getting currently against the wall on a bright afternoon. The size is 120 inch diagonal. I think I will just stick with the wall .. it works pretty nice .. I'm using a Panasonic AE-8000 which is bright. If I do get a screen I think I'll get something better than the Excelvan and maybe grey .... from my research today it looks like the Excelvan might be a step backwards. btw the projector pin cushion is straight .. its the phone camera lens that is distorted.
  3. I've been projecting against a white wall for years now but I'm thinking about trying a screen to lower the image and perhaps increase the quality a bit. I like the look of this ebay screen ...... it's an Excelvan. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/100-Diagonal-16-9-Projector-Screen-3D-4K-1-2-Gain-Manual-Pull-Down-Projection/332630562580?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Has anyone tried one of these screens ? I like that it is vertically large so I can pull it down low and infront of my TV and I also like that it can be hung, again it means I can run it infront of the TV (currently having to project over the TV onto the wall). I know it's cheap ... but is it that nasty ? Would it be an upgrade to a white wall ? If not, any other recommendations in the lower price bracket ? Selby for example ?
  4. What I'm finding is that I need to EQ the PA speaker specifically for voice to match the brightness of the DC-X's .. that means scooping out the bottom end so they are then not optimal for music or stuff that uses the low end. It makes you appreciate the VAF's, they are very bright yet at the same time there is bass there when its called for. Anyway after doing A/B tests for several days the misses has cracked it .. time to just enjoy it for a while ... it didn't help I 'borrowed' her Sony speakers to use for the surrounds .... just until she gives me permission to buy something else ! Maybe I'll try the Jamo's as surrounds but then I normally use them as monitors for my little recording studio.
  5. Yeah I guess I did answer my own question, I just wanted to see if others agreed with me ! And maybe if anyone else had gone the PA type speaker route. Yeah a VAF might be an option, I don't have spare cash at the moment (for a VAF) hence why I am playing with my old speakers .. maybe a second hand VAF DC-3 might be worth keeping an eye out for in the future. Cheers Steve
  6. Well my Jamo's have 5 inch woofers. I see the B&W HTM6 is around the same size as my 2 Jamo's end to end. I would consider that small. I'm just wondering if a more expensive / better quality speaker in that size would be capable of matching the timbre of the VAFs. I'm starting to see that isn't going to be possible though and that I need a big speaker to match the VAFs .. like this PA speaker I am running atm.
  7. Recently I upgraded from my old 2 channel Marantz amp to a multi channel Denon. First thing I did was bi amp my old VAF DC-X's using the 2 selectable channels. Not sure if its the Denon amp or the bi amping but they sound better than ever. Then I thought I would put in a centre speaker. I used an old set of Jamo 145's I have. Could not get them to match the VAF's ... not even with EQing .. not even close. I tried using 2 in series but still no good. They sound so compressed compared to the VAF's. So I grabbed a 12 inch PA speaker I have in a nasty plastic enclosure and tried that as a centre just for fun. Surprisingly the sound was much more open than the Jamo's. There is some resonance from the plastic enclosure so I opened it up and stuffed it with polyfill. That helped plus I EQed out scoop at about 250 hz and put the cross over in at 90hz - speaker is set as large. To be honest this cheap PA speaker sounds good as a centre speaker and its even got some low down punch. Switching between stereo and surround modes the match is pretty good ... the VAF's are better of course but the PA speaker has the same open sound. Are all small centre speakers going to have a compressed sound like my Jamo's ? I'm wondering if I should spend the $$ on a small centre or stick with something like this PA speaker (maybe even build a better one).
  8. Thanks for the info guys, appreciate it. I'll email VAF and see if I can go on the stand-bye for some second hand drivers. In the meantime I came across a roll of butyl rubber tape yesterday and it is very similar to the rubber used in the speaker surrounds. So I thought I may as well have a go at fixing the speakers. So I cut out the tape to cover the tears / holes and used some starbrite liquid electrical tape as an adhesive. It worked well as a patch up job. I may also look at getting them refurbished, properly. Can anyone recommend a place in Melbourne ? Thx again, Cheers Steve
  9. Yeah I did actually ask VAF if they could give me some specs for the speakers and never got a reply beyond the original reply saying they don't make those speakers anymore and that they could change the crossovers and put some different drivers in ... cost $1000 + shipping to Adelaide and back. It's not work sending that much on them.
  10. Hi, I bought the VAF DC-7 kit back in about 99. They have had a couple of moves of house and a batch of kittens (loved climbing the stocking) attacking them over the last 20 years. They still work but 3 of the main drivers have damaged to the rubber, a with chunks missing. I've repaired them as much as possible with liquid electrical tape but I am thinking about replacing them. VAF don't sell those speakers anymore and cannot offer me a replacement. Are there any recommendations ? I've lost the instructions too so not even sure what the frequency range the crossovers are or the response range of the drivers .. I would guess something in 40 - 5000hz range .. and not sure of the impedance .. there are 3 speakers in each so maybe they are 2 ohm ? Any advice welcome. I'm not wanting to spend big bucks either. Cheers Steve
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