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  1. Hi Colin, I'd like to offer $90 including postage to Sydney. Let me now if this works for you, Rgds Peter
  2. Hi everyone, Silly question time. Is there a preferred order to power up your equipment ? I've got the Sansui AU417 amp, a Cambridge Dac Magic and a Cambridge cd-4 player. Thanks
  3. Hi There, Just reading through some back posts and saw this one. I started using Music Collection a couple of months ago and it is very simple to use for my expanding collection of CDs. Can recommend. Cheers
  4. Hi Happy, I don't know the brand, not expensive and lets say fit for purpose. If you have any thoughts on a very good replacement unit, let me know. Cheers Peter
  5. Well a change in employment status has given me some spare time to resurrect the stereo gear from a while a go and get into it again. The amplifiers are Sansui, an AU-417 and an AU-4400, both working well. Currently running a set of Wharfedale Linton 3 speakers (from the parents home). About 20 years ago I found a set of Accoustic Research AR2X being dumped in a local kerbside cleanup. They have been stored in the attic until earlier this year when I found a hobbyist who got the crossovers rebuilt and we replaced the drivers. A few coats of Danish Oil, a thorough wash of the linen cover and we have a second set of speakers running. The original Philips CD player died, and has been replaced by a Cambridge Audio CD4 unit. A CA DacMagic B unit was acquired from E-Bay, and I am rediscovering the pleasure of listening to music again. Now I can't not walk past a Vinnies store without ducking in to see what CDs they have ! Cheers Peter
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