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  1. I ordered these certified HDMI Cables from Amazon recently.
  2. Why do you say that ? I don't think any other manufacturer has released HDMI 2.1 AVR's yet.
  3. From the Webpage : " No HDMI 2.1 receivers were officially announced at CES 2020 but Yamaha's 2020 line-up of Aventage receivers will seemingly be one of the first to arrive with HDMI 2.1. The Yamaha RX-A8 (11 channels), RX-A6 (9 channels), RX-A4 (7 channels) and RX-A2 (7 channels) were detailed in a now-removed video and summarized in German Hi Fi forum." For those who understand German , here is a link to the German Hi Fi forum post.
  4. Thanks for your valuable input. I understand what you are saying and it makes perfect sense. I hope my search ends soon. 🙂
  5. Thanks for letting me know. I am a bit confused and overwhelmed from what all I have been reading in the forums. Would a combination of Kef q100 and Dali sensor 5 sound ok with Yamaha avr685 or above ? No center/ subwoofer for now.
  6. Thanks @hopefullguyfor sharing the general characteristics of Klipsch .. great for movies! (not so much for music.. hmmm !!) I am sure this feedback is for Klipsch's under consideration within my budget (and not top of the line ones ! Just making sure Klipsch fans are not hurt)
  7. Thanks for the response @nedrum and sharing the link to the items in Classified section. I have joined this forum recently, and have been monitoring the Classified Section closely. Hoping to get a nice deal soon !
  8. Finally moved into my own house. Looking to set up a home theatre .. component by component. Starting with bookshelves... Will look for the inputs from the forum before I decide. Cheers.
  9. Hi, Just in the process of setting up my HT for 40 % movies + 60 % music. I know the ELAC uni fi ub5 have some great reviews , but they are quite expensive, and so are kef q100s which were sold for $600 by Amazon during the recent black Friday sale. I am looking for bookshelf speakers around the $500 mark max. Would you go for wharfedale diamond 11.2 or klipsch RB 61 ii. Now I have read about klipsch being bright, signature horn sound etc. My main question actually is : Considering the RB61 ii is around 8-10 years old design/ tech will it still be considered good today for around $500? Should I buy it ? After the speaker, I will read the forums to decide on the avr to be bought ...preferably Yamaha 1085/ denon. I will add a subwoofer down the line too ( again svs/ hsu are pretty expensive so I will build up the confirmation gradually). Thanks
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