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  1. Hi Guys I am looking to spend $400-$500 on a preferably portable projector or mini projector. I would be using this to view mostly sport and the occasional movie at 80-100 inches without the need to buy a tv this big of course. My main concern is being able to get a full HD image. Anything less and I probably wouldn’t bother using a projector at all. I was looking at the Aaxa P7 which is native 1080p and 900 lumens. I keep seeing these Chinese projectors on eBay that state the same native 1080p however have 5-7000 lumens and they are half the price of the Aaxa p7. Does this mean they will produce a better image in conditions with more light? Should I avoid these? If anyone has something better than the Aaxa P7 in that price range I am open to feedback. Really appreciate your thoughts.
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